g1 tests ‘infallible’ strategy of weighing and finding BRL 9,000 figurines in the World Cup album; VIDEO | Santos and Region

The video, which generated great repercussion on the web, shows the strategy (check below). THEs packages that contained only five figurines, that is, without the presence of the ‘legendary’which are additional, weighed 4 grams. At a given moment, the display of the equipment aims for 5 grams in a pack which, when opened, reveals in its interior the coveted rare figurine .

Video shows 'strategy' to guarantee 'legendary' stickers from the World Cup album

Video shows ‘strategy’ to guarantee ‘legendary’ stickers from the World Cup album

In the test carried out by the g1, in the Gonzaga neighborhood, in Santos (SP), a sealed package is placed on the scale. When a common and detached figurine is placed on top, totaling six cards, the weight really changes.

At first, the ‘tactic’ of buying the heaviest package can result in a rare figurine. However, noThere is no official information on proof of effectiveness.

Supposed ‘strategy’ to find rare figures from the World Cup album ‘goes viral’ on the internet – Photo: Reproduction

Upon closely watching the test carried out by the reporting team, student Pedro Sperli, who has been collecting World Cup albums since 2006, revealed that he had never seen a similar ‘strategy’, although he considers it creative.

Besides him, pedagogue Rita de Cássia Moreno, who said she was about to complete the current album. She commented that she does not believe in the success of those interested in following in the footsteps of the video that ‘goed viral’. “That’s too vague. How are you going to get to the bank and ask to be weighed? It’s more of luck.”

Finally, the newsboy who provided the space for the test, Paulo Roberto Garcia, revealed that he does not allow the method to be used in his trade, in a real situation. “I don’t let them choose the stickers, measure or weigh. I think it has to be luck. Exchanging stickers is the coolest thing”.

Reporting team tests at a newsstand on the coast of São Paulo after video with ‘strategy’ goes viral — Photo: g1 Santos

VIDEOS: g1 in 1 Minute Santos

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