Juliette only talks to 5 people from “BBB21”. Know who!

Juliette, champion of the 21st edition of “Big Brother Brasil”, participated in the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod”, last Tuesday (23). In an interview, led by Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme, the singer commented on how the recovery was after the iconic victory of “BBB21” and also revealed who are the participants of her season that she still talks to today.

Throughout the conversation, the voice of “Bença” also spoke about the relationship with Rodolffo, a singer who was on the reality show, and who released feat. with Juliette. She also recalled Luan Santana’s invitation to participate in the clip and explained why she chose to refuse participation in the video for “Morena”. See the highlights!

Juliette talks to 5 people from “BBB21”

Anyone who followed Juliette’s edition knows that the participant was excluded a lot until, finally, she found her group. When questioned by the presenters with whom she still talks from “BBB21”, she listed only five names: Gil do Vigor, Joao Luiz, Carla Diaz, Camilla de Lucas and Pokah.

As for Rodolffo, with whom she released the song “About” and has even stayed out of the house, Juliette says that the conversations are only professional: “We’ve stayed and stuff, but we talk very little […] Only professional stuff”, admits the star. The five friends are really “the ones I talk to the most”.

Sarah and Juliette meet for the first time

After a long time, Juliette found another person from the reality show, Sarah Andrade, at the “Garota Vip” festival, which took place last Sunday (21). The “meeting” was successful among the fans, who liked to see the friendship of the two inside the house. On the other hand, some found the “hug” forced, as the relationship between the two became strained throughout the game.

Anyway, the name of the two and the shipp – Sariette – ended up in the most talked about subjects on social networks. Watch the video of the duo’s reunion:

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