Maximum Speed: At 58, the actress in the film stands out for her beauty and talent on Instagram

The film “Maximum speed” originally premiered in 1994. In the plot, a psychopath named Howard Payne installs bombs on a bus and agent Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) is hired to evacuate passengers before it’s too late.

The detail is that the vehicle cannot reach less than 80 km or the bombs will be detonated. The driver is Annie Porter, played by actress Sandra Bullock. Time has passed and the star is currently 58 years old and still attracts attention for her beauty and talent on Instagram.

The American actress and producer is also known for her roles in “House on the Lake”, “Gravity”, “Miss Congeniality” and “Bird Box”. She is of English, French, Irish and German ancestry.

The daughter of a US Army employee and an opera singer, Sandra spent much of her childhood traveling around Europe. She learned to speak German, was a cheerleader, and won first place in high school in a poll by her peers for her “friendliness.”

Deciding to pursue a career as an actress, Bullock enrolled at the University of Carolina and began a Theater course. Before graduating, she loaded her suitcase onto her motorcycle and set off for New York City.

There, she had a difficult life and even shared her time as a waitress and acting classes. His first major role was in the Broadway production called “No Time Flat”. After that, Sandra gained more and more recognition becoming the star she is today.

On her Instagram profile she shares photos and videos showing details of her career. It also makes it clear that time has done her a lot of good, making her an experienced and talented person.

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