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What do Robert De Niro, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Hilary Swank and Sylvester Stallone have in common? All were Oscar nominees for boxing roles. Seems like a good way to secure an invite to the ceremony — of the above, only De Niro and Swank won.

Boxing biopics are back in focus with the new series that debuts this week on Star+, “Mike: Beyond Tyson,” which has the first two of eight episodes now available.

Too bad I couldn’t find “The Fighter”, with Daniel Day-Lewis, in the streaming catalogs. Check out some suggestions below.

This biopic follows the trajectory of heavyweight Cassius Clay, a prodigy in the ring who also became famous for his talkative style when promoting his fights and for his political speech against racism and war. The boxer gained even more prominence when he converted to Islam, changing his name to Muhammad Ali. Directed by Michael Mann, the film stars Will Smith in the lead role, which earned him his first Oscar nomination (lost to Russell Crowe, for “A Beautiful Mind”).

Available on HBO Max and Prime Video (165 min.)

Bonus Tip: Staring Ali
This 2009 documentary packed with archival material from Ali features testimonies from boxers who faced the heavyweight, whether in Ali’s time or Cassius Clay’s time — before his conversion to Islam. Among those interviewed are George Foreman, who recalls the famous Zaire fight of 1974, Larry Holmes, Joe Frazier and Leon Spinks.

Available on Prime Video (102 min.)

Hitler’s Champion (Max Schmeling)
German heavyweight Max Schmeling was at his peak when Adolf Hitler came to power in the 1930s. With a Czech woman and a Jewish agent, Schmeling was not a supporter of the Nazi regime, but he was used as propaganda, especially after the first fight. against black American Joe Louis. Unable to control his career, the government called him to fight in World War II, always on risky missions. Schmeling was a contemporary of Jim Braddock, the boxer in “Struggle for Hope.” The film only appears on Prime with the original title (the boxer’s name) and without subtitles: you can watch it dubbed or practice your German.

Available on Prime Video (123 min.)

The Happiest Day of Olli Mäki’s Life
Finnish boxer and baker Olli Mäki is elevated to national idol status in 1962 by winning the opportunity to fight for the world title. Early in his preparation, which includes efforts to stay at the right weight, he falls in love with a woman. The film focuses on the simple side of the character (which was real). Winner of the Un Certain Regard exhibition in Cannes in 2016.

Available at Looke (92 min.)

Hurricane: The Hurricane
In 1966, Rubin Carter, aka Hurricane (Denzel Washington), was in top form and was considered a strong name to challenge the champion for the middleweight title. However, the boxer is wrongly accused of being one of the killers of three young men in the US state of New Jersey and is arrested, tried and sentenced to life in prison. Years later, three young activists try to prove Carter’s innocence. The boxer’s story inspired Bob Dylan’s 1970s hit “Hurricane.” Washington was nominated for an Oscar (lost to Kevin Spacey for “American Beauty”). Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on Star+ (140 min.)

The Freitas Brothers
Before becoming world boxing champion, Acelino Popó Freitas was not even the main boxer in the family. The series follows the trajectory of the family in eight episodes, with the older brother, Luís Cláudio, training with his father. The brothers’ rivalry is accentuated as Popó starts to stand out. The cast includes Daniel Rocha, Rômulo Braga, Maria Flor and Rui Ricardo Diaz.

Available on HBO Max and Prime Video (eight episodes)

The Fight for Hope
Biopic of Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe), a good heavyweight who retires after a few defeats. With the United States plunged into the Great Depression crisis of the 1930s, Braddock accepts small odd jobs to feed the family. However, he gets a new chance at boxing and unexpectedly beats rivals considered stronger. Thus, he earns the opportunity to fight for the world title. For his story of overcoming, which would make Rocky Balboa jealous, he was nicknamed the “Cinderella Man”. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on Star+ (144 min.)

Mike – Besides Tyson (new)

The first two episodes of the fiction series that dramatizes the life of Mike Tyson, one of the most ruthless heavyweight champions of the world, famous for knocking opponents almost always in the first rounds, premiered this Thursday (25th). Tyson’s well-known trajectory is reproduced in this first contact with the series, from his poor and violent childhood, including his time in jail, to his early contact with coach Cus d’Amato, who became a kind of father to Tyson, but who died early. . Still to see how the production of the channel Hulu will deal with the decadence of the idol, which began with the rape case that led to his arrest. Trevante Rhodes from “Moonlight” is great in the role of the fighter and Harvey Keitel participates as D’Amato. The series uses the well-known resource of having the protagonist aiming the camera to talk to the viewer, breaking the so-called fourth wall.

Available on Star+ (one season, two of eight episodes)

Golden girl

A four-time Oscar-winning drama — film, director (Clint Eastwood), actress (Hilary Swank) and supporting actor (Morgan Freeman) — that could be split into two parts. In the first, the story of poor and self-sacrificing Maggie, who convinces Frankie to coach her and, with great dedication, manages to excel in women’s boxing. Best not to talk about the second part right now, but it manages to be even more dramatic. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on HBO Max (132 min.)

blood fists

The film brings the real trajectory of boxer Chuck Wepner (Liev Schreiber) who, according to legend, would have inspired Sylvester Stallone’s script for the first “Rocky”. All because the underdog Wepner faced Muhammad Ali in 1975 and held on until the 15th round. The following year, the underdog “Rocky the Wrestler” was the highest grossing of the year. Wepner even sued Stallone, but accepted a financial settlement, and loved to flaunt the nickname “The Real Rocky”. The film still has Naomi Watts and Elisabeth Moss in the cast. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on Prime Video (98 min.)

Rocky, A Fighter

Even the Jedi retire, but the fearless Sylvester Stallone doesn’t let go and has already turned 46 years old as the fearless Rocky Balboa. The fighter who rose from “loser” to champion punches rivals and evokes Adrian Pennino since 1976 in the film that surprised by winning the Oscar for best feature of the year — knocking out “All the President’s Men”, “Network” and “Taxi Driver”. . But, the first “Rocky” is really very good. The other five, for those willing, are also available on Prime, as are the two “Creed” films that revamped the franchise with the relentless Rocky now as the trainer and mentor of Apollo Creed’s son, the first rival.

Available on Prime Video (119 min.)

indomitable bull

Martin Scorsese signs this biopic of middleweight Jake LaMotta, shot in black and white and nominated for eight Oscars — he won two, including actor for Robert De Niro. The 1980 film also follows LaMotta’s success in sports, where he was known as “the bull of the Bronx”, and his violence and destructive behavior outside the ring, which affected his relationship with his brother Joey (Joe Pesci) and with his wife, Vickie (Cathy Moriarty).

Available on Prime Video (129 min.)

The winner

Biography of welterweight boxer Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg), who lived in the shadow of his brother, a boxer who came to face the great champion Sugar Ray Leonard, but who struggles to get rid of drugs. To build his career, Micky must constantly balance between his dysfunctional family, the advice of his brother and coach and his relationship with his new girlfriend (Amy Adams). Oscars for supporting actor (Christian Bale) and supporting actress (Melissa Leo). Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on Prime Video (116 min.)

What’s new

I am Alfred Hitchcock

With commentary from Hollywood directors such as John Landis and Steven Spielberg, and those close to Hitchcock, this documentary gives a great profile of the famous master of suspense, from his transition from silent to talkies in the UK to his success in Hollywood. The film recovers the author’s thesis, disseminated by French critics and filmmakers. In the case of Hitch, with a defense by his ardent fan, François Truffaut. For those who have read the book “Hitchcock/Truffaut: Interviews”, the film may seem just an illustrated bonus, but always fun.

Available on HBO Max (84 min.)

An Exemplary Family

In this South Korean crime drama, a soon-to-be-divorced substitute teacher — highly motivated by the financial crisis — accidentally stumbles upon a car parked on the side of the road. People are dead, and in the back seat is a bag of money, a lot of money. After taking the money, he tries to clean up the crime scene. Obviously there are a few traces left, enough for him and his family to start being pursued by the mafia and a police detective.

Available on Netflix (one season, ten episodes)

Crazy Rich Asians

Finally, this nice romantic comedy, from 2018, enters the HBO Max catalog – legend has it that, before it hit theaters, Netflix tried to produce the film. The plot begins with the couple Rachel (Constance Wu) and Nick (Henry Golding) in New York. When he invites her to a friend’s wedding in Singapore, she discovers that her boyfriend is from a family… filthy rich. From then on, the film shows Rachel’s struggle to be accepted by Nick’s friends and relatives, especially the family matriarch (Michelle Yeoh). It includes fun participation by Awkwafina and one of the most chic weddings in cinema. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on HBO Max (120 min.)

Untold: The Girlfriend Who Wasn’t There

Netflix’s great documentary series “Untold” sheds light on less-explored episodes involving sports stars, but not necessarily with the game at the heart of the matter. That’s what happens in “The Girlfriend Who Wasn’t There”, released in two parts, which follows the trajectory of college football player Manti Te’o, who had everything to be an NFL star. Reserved and religious, he became involved in 2012 in an online relationship with a woman, unaware that he was falling victim to a case of “catfish” (people who create fake profiles on social media to deceive the victim, emotionally or financially), yet little commented at the time. The production shows how the case shook Te’o’s career.

Available on Netflix (two episodes)

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