The advance of a cold front last night and during this Saturday brought lots of lightning to Uruguay. A large number of electrical discharges with cloud-to-ground lightning were observed in the area of ​​the capital Montevideo. It rained a lot in the Uruguayan capital in recent hours with a volume until 9 am this Saturday of 64.9 mm at the Prado station. At Carrasco Airport, in Canelones, which serves Montevideo, it rained 62.2 mm. The instability was fueled by wind currents from the North that brought in very hot air, responsible for the summer Saturday in Rio Grande do Sul, which provided the energy for the formation of storms.

Cloud-to-ground lightning seen along Rambla de Montevideo hits a building near the coastal avenue to the Rio de la Plata | MARIANA SUAREZ/AFP/METSUL METEOROLOGY

The beginning of Saturday was marked by a major electrical storm in the city of Montevideo with sometimes torrential rain, which hampered the landing of some international aircraft at Carrasco Airport | MARIANA SUAREZ/AFP/METSUL METEOROLOGY

Electric storm in the town of Ciudad de la Costa, in the south of Uruguay, at dawn this Saturday with the encounter of a cold front with a mass of very hot air | MATIAS MEDEROS

Many cloud-to-ground lightning with intense thunderstorms marked the beginning of this Saturday in southern Uruguay with strong areas of instability associated with the storms that formed and gained strength over the Rio de la Plata | MATIAS MEDEROS