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With this thought and the formula of simplicity in practice, coach Mário Jorge took Flamengo to the semifinals of the Brazilian Under-20 Championship, a phase in which Corinthians will be rivals – the first game is scheduled for Sunday, at 3 pm, in Barueri. The campaign is very good. Seven wins, three draws and only one loss. It has the best defense, with seven goals conceded, and scored 20 in 11 matches.

And, according to Mário, the good moment of his men is intrinsically linked to the integration with the cast of Dorival Júnior, another coach who has managed to pass on his concepts without beating around the bush and promote a complex revolution in the upper category. Therefore, the under-20 coach believes that the professional team’s sprint has positively influenced the youth squad.

– Today we can really brag about a situation in which the club has helped a lot. The boys have been training a lot with the professional, and the professional’s good moment ends up helping the under-20 category a lot.

– Effectively with two games per week of the professional, we end up training a lot with them. This helps a lot in the proximity of the players to the professional, and the experience of the boys ends up becoming different. Dorival has used the boys a lot and opened up the technical commission (under-20) to participate. This greatly strengthens this process, and the wave that is happening in the professional ends up happening with us at the base a little.

Bruno Spindel and Mário Jorge at Flamengo training in Atibaia — Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamengo

Mário Jorge explains that the training schedule facilitates constant communication between the two technical committees and also the use of young people by Dorival in the professional team.

– The relationship with Dorival is very close. I can finish my training a little earlier because we support the professional all the time. We train at a very close time. I can take 30, 40 minutes of his training, watch him from the edge of the field and talk to him about the athletes. He asks me about some under-20 players who have been training with him at some point, he asks me the characteristic. And my relationship with Lucas (Dorival’s son and assistant) was also very cool.

Although he shares the laurels with Dorival Júnior and even with his predecessor – coach Fábio Matias, currently in Bragantino’s under-23 -, Mário Jorge also led a transformation at Flamengo. As happened in the professional, the coach gave defensive solidity to the under-20. In Carioca, faced with more modest rivals with the exception of the big three, the team conceded 22 goals in 17 games. In the national competition, are just seven in 11 matches.

– At Carioca, we had been conceding a lot of goals, and it was something that worried me. And we took care of that a little more with an emphasis on the defensive part. This ended up paying off in the Brazilian. We reached the semifinals with the third best attack in the competition and with the best defense together with Corinthians.

The coach says that the “season of competitiveness” and the work of years in other categories with players who form the base of the under-20 today are keys to the good moment. When talking about the rapport with the pupils, he once again touched the key of simplicity.

– I think we consolidated some things that Fábio Matias had been doing. Fábio had a very similar game idea. We just followed up on what he was doing, it’s obvious that we add something of our own flavor. It’s bringing a little of my competitive part to the team and what I want as an idea for the game. The ease of having worked with the boys in another category facilitated my communication with them, access to information, and they were able to effectively apply it on the field.

– We were very simple and clear in the idea that we wanted with the boys. They did everything that was agreed upon, I think it was fruitful for them and for us. I believe the club will take advantage of that at the front. These boys have been with the club for over five years and have a very keen competitive streak. They need to be stimulated all the time. My thanks go to Fábio, who left the land very sown and very ready. We arrived only to reap the rewards.

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How do you define the campaign Flamengo in the Brazilian Under-20?

– I rate it as very good. We suffered a little, especially after our only defeat. The boys had to go through a whole testing protocol. After everyone got back to the routine, we went back to winning and performing. Everyone suffered, especially the teams that were playing the Libertadores as a professional, but I think we suffered a lot because of that.

Duel of the two best defenses: Flamengo x Corinthians, who conceded seven goals each

– Now we have a duel of the two best defenders in the competition. Unlike last year’s Brazilian Under-17 Championship, where we had the best attack, this year we have the best defense. So it demonstrates once again the work we have developed and the work that the coaching staff has done with me. They are tireless, detail-oriented guys who have been working with me for a long time.

– At Carioca, we had been conceding a lot of goals, and it was something that worried me. And we took care of that a little more with an emphasis on the defensive part. This ended up paying off in the Brazilian. We reached the semifinals with the third best attack in the competition and with the best defense together with Corinthians.

Mario Jorge in his last game for the under-17, last week, in a 5-2 victory for Flamengo over Resende — Photo: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo

– I believe it will be a very studied game, very standardized for defense, but a game in which we will be able to make a lot of use of our attack, which is very surgical and lethal.

Mateusão ​​(Flamengo) x Arthur Sousa (Corinthians): Corinthians is the top scorer, and rubro-negro is vice

– Arthur has had a very good competition and many goals. He got a major victory against Internacional in Porto Alegre, scored two goals. Mateusão ​​was Carioca Sub-20’s top scorer, he is a boy who is in his first year in the category, but has a lot of room for evolution. He has improved many features of his game, most notably the pivot game and the space attack game. Mateusão ​​is very powerful and very fast.

Mateusão, from Flamengo, is the top scorer of the Under-20 Carioca Championship — Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamengo

Arthur Sousa celebrates a goal for Corinthians Sub-20 against Fluminense — Photo: Rodrigo Gazzanel / Agência Corinthians

More praise for the red-black striker Mateusão

– I believe he has a lot to evolve ahead for being his first year. Very regular season, very good. Happy for his renewal, he guarantees a very interesting asset for the club. The boy has five more years of contract ahead of him. I strongly believe that the club will project him in the near future to make a reservation on top of Gabigol and Pedro. Very talented boy with an exceptional eye for goals. I see a lot of good things ahead.

Marcos Braz, Mateusão ​​and Bruno Spindel, from Flamengo, sign a contract until 2027 — Photo: Gilvan de Souza / Flamengo

Only defeat in the Brazilian Under-20 after Covid-19 cases

– There was the professional game with Tolima, and we lost seven or eight players for the game with América-MG. And it ended with our only defeat in the Brazilian Championship. But, crudely analyzing the game with America, we knew we could have done more and better. But that process ended up getting in the way because we lost players. And their reserves, who would play with us, reinforced the professional. But it’s part of the process. This will happen, and we need to reinvent ourselves with each game.

How do you face the constant losses of athletes to the professional, as are the cases of Victor Hugo, Matheus França and Lázaro?

– It is still a great stage for a coach who is in the under-20 to reach the professional level. We will live with injuries, suspensions and call-ups for the Brazilian team, but it’s great for the Brazilian coach to have to reinvent himself every week. We have this facility to have options and the condition to reinvent ourselves every week. Obviously it makes a lot of difference for us when we lose boys like Victor Hugo, França, Lázaro, Daniel Cabral, Noga. They are boys with a lot of experience in Flamengo, with a lot of experience.

– But the others who are arriving are taking care of it. We have Wesley, who arrives for us in the first year of under-20 and he already has that proportion. A very talented boy with above-average physical vigor. But we have to live with the burden of the category always serving the professional.

More praise for Dorival and his assistants

– I only have good things to say about Dorival, an extremely receptive guy. He treats everyone very well, he took care of me very well. His son, Lucas Evangelista, was extremely kind to me in Atibaia. And Pedro Sotero too.

– For me, it is sensational to be able to listen, witness and exchange experience with a professional who has more than 40 years of career joining time as an athlete and as a coach. There’s a lot to teach me, and if I don’t enjoy and drink a little bit from this source, I’ll be negligent. I make the best use of it.

Dorival Júnior, Flamengo coach, in a game for the Copa do Brasil — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

– As much as Dorival has his hand on the boys in terms of training, he ends up helping me in terms of the boys’ playing experience. I think the good moment is also reflected in that, of using the boys and having them closer to the professional. And we are also a little closer and enjoying it.

Dorival’s simplicity and first contact in 2018

– Dorival is an extremely simple person, a sensational guy. He is my classmate at CBF Academy. I had Lisca, Gilson Kleina, Renato Gaúcho and Dorival at a time when I was under-15 coach. It was fantastic. These are guys I clap for, I want to see their team play to learn and at the same time I was at the table with them having lunch.

– I already had an opportunity with him in 2018, when Dorival was at the club. I had the opportunity to exchange some things with him, but now in the category where I work, it’s a little easier to get closer. The treatment he gave to our commission in Atibaia demonstrates what a human being he is.

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