WhatsApp decides to launch a feature that will change the organization of groups

Updates linked to WhatsApp follow a series of questions asked to the users themselves. Lately, changes have been made at a much faster rate as competitors threaten their market share. Telegram, for example, has been rapidly advancing with paid plans and increasingly better features, although this restriction is a barrier to prospecting.

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Looking for more privacy

Despite end-to-end encryption, there are other details that end up bothering people. The excess of information that is available about access to the application still remains among the main complaints. Therefore, it was not just the ”Last Seen” that generated a certain charge, but the ”Online” status results in complicated situations.

An interface designed for the user

When someone notices that you are active on the platform, they can charge you for a quick response. However, although there is no obligation in this regard, the constraint is undeniable. This occasion becomes embarrassing especially when it is related to something at work, in which the superior monitors the use of the employees’ social networks.

Leaving the group discreetly

In this way, the customer started to have a special place regarding the recent transformations of the Whatsapp. The next big thing, thinking about complaints, is the ability to leave the group without notifying members. Therefore, no one will promptly notice and demand a justification, causing discomfort, even for the idea of ​​leaving the discussion without seeming arrogant.

WhatsApp’s goal is to make the user experience in the app much more comfortable by assessing their needs. In this case, the notion of privacy expands, going beyond the sense of data protection, but also how the person feels showing certain activities. Now everyone can protect themselves, no longer showing photos, the last visit and even the moment they leave the group.

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