With lightning goals, Corinthians beats Palmeiras in the first semi of the women’s Brasileirão

O Corinthians did not feel the weight of the semifinal of the Brazilian Championship and won the arch-rival palm trees 2-1, this Saturday afternoon, with the support of Fiel, at Neo Química Arena. With the result, the Brabas will have the advantage of a tie in the return duel, which will only take place on September 10, at Allianz Parque.

The goals came at the beginning of the two halves, with Adriana, in a covering goal, and Jaqueline, with less than two minutes of ball rolling. On the other side, Camilinha scored, at the end of the first stage. The alvinegras dominated most of the offensive actions of the classic and could have left with more advantage in the marker, if it weren’t for the great defenses of the goalkeeper Jully.

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It is worth mentioning that Arthur Elias promoted some changes in the main team, with the returns of Gabi Zanotti and Gabi Portilho, who were in the medical department. Yet, in the second half, three members of the clubs’ technical committees were expelled due to confusion on the edge of the lawn, for no clarified reason.

Before the Brabas meet their rivals again, they will visit São Paulo, on September 7, for the Paulista Championship, while Palmeiras welcome RB Bragantino a day later. It is worth mentioning that, between August 29 and September 6, there is the FIFA Date, when the women’s team will face South Africa in two matches.

The game

first hot weather

With the support of the fans at Neo Química Arena, the Brabas went up early on, with two corners in a row. The clock didn’t even tick and Adriana received it from the left, cleared the play and covered up Jully, to score a great goal and set fire to the duel.

The answer came in the fifth minute, when Bia Zaneratto received it at the entrance of the area and risked it, to Lelê’s great defense. After that, the game was worked on in exchange for passes and attempts at counterattacks by both teams. In the 14th minute, Gabi Portilho started on the right and kicked cross, in an attempt to find Zanotti, but Jully pushed away with his foot.

Shortly after, the goalkeeper made another save with Adriana’s kick. In the corner, Tamires charged, made a table and, upon receiving, sent it straight to the goal, from cover, for a new intervention by the archer. At 27′, Jheniffer had a great opportunity, after a mistake by Tháis in the ball out, but the kick, crossed, went close to the post.

With the actions more balanced, the tie arrived in style, in a great low shot from Bia Zaneratto to Camilinha, on the left, who hit a cross and sent it to the back of the net, leaving everything the same.

New lightning goal and confusion

At the return of the break, Corinthians returned as it was the entire first stage. With just one minute, Jheniffer sent it to the goal and Jully made a great save, but, after a corner kick, Adriana hit a cross and Jaqueline deflected it inside the area, leaving the hosts ahead of the score once again.

After that, the classic cooled down, with less offensive danger from both teams. In the 22nd minute, Adriana advanced through the middle and risked a bomb, to the right of Jully’s post. Shortly after, Palmeiras had the chance to extend the free kick, from afar, but Camilinha sent it over the goal.

At 33, Ary Borges took a risk from afar, forcing Lelê to make a great save. In the corner, Bruna Calderan almost made a header. Shortly after that, confusion broke out among the teams’ technical committees.

The physical trainer and the coach of Palmeiras, William Bittencourt and Ricardo Belli, were expelled, while Arthur Elias received the yellow card and the goalkeeper coach Edson, from Corinthians, received the red card.

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