Cell phone without charger generates heavy fine for Apple

Since 2020, new Apple models are being marketed without a charger, leading the company to profit billions of dollars. know more

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The Procon of Rio de Janeiro fined the American multinational Apple R$ 12.1 million for selling branded cell phones without the charger. The consumer protection body considered the practice as abusive and sees the situation as a tie-in sale, which is prohibited by law.

Several consumers were already questioning the practice, mainly because of the high value that the company charges for the devices. From the point of view of Procon do RJ, by making the sale in this way, Apple is forcing the person to buy a separate item. If the customer refuses to purchase the charger, the cell phone will be useless.

Selling cell phones without chargers generates billions of dollars for Apple

It is observed that, since 2020, the new models of the brand are being marketed without a charger. The practice has already generated billions of dollars for the company, something that does not please customers who have to pay even more to be able to use cell phones.

In Apple’s case, the situation is being considered as tying, which is a business practice prohibited by law, according to the Consumer Protection Code. Abusive practice is understood when the company sells a product or service while forcing the customer to buy another item.

Fine imposed by Procon was on the sale of the iPhone 12 model

The fine given by Procon do Rio was R$ 12.1 million on the sale of the iPhone 12 model. Two other models (iPhone 13 and 14) can also result in millionaire fines for the company, which has already been notified.

With regard to the iPhone 13, Procon has instituted a sanctioning process and Apple has a period of 20 days to submit a response before being fined. The agency says that punishment must occur when the illegal practice is confirmed. It is worth remembering that the tie-in sale is also carried out by Samsung.

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Image: Forthis / Shutterstock.com

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