Commentator calls Atltico ‘weak’, and another cites ‘relaxation’ in 2022

Hulk (left) from Atl
photo: Pedro Souza / Atltico

Hulk (left), from Atltico, and der (right), from América, in a classic this Sunday (28), at Independência

America’s Representative Alterosa Sport this Monday (29), Otvio di Toledo called Galo “weak” after the 1-1 draw between the teams this Sunday (28), at Independencia, in Belo Horizonte. Atletico Fael Lima hit his benchmate, but admitted the drop in performance of the alvinegra team in 2022.

Toledo said: “I’m nervous, because losing two points to Fael (Atltico) in the Brazilian Championship, in the situation that America is in today, is unacceptable. Inadmissible. We lost two points to a weak and smaller team than ours. So I’m upset too.”

America could have been victorious if not for the penalty missed by striker Henrique Almeida. Atletico goalkeeper Everson saved the hit and prevented Coelho from winning. Before the charge, Galo had already opened the scoring with Hulk, and the alviverde team had drawn with Henrique Almeida himself.

Fael Lima retorted: “Here in Minas, nobody bothered me. It’s too easy. Now, I like to pick up between the lines of interviews. Vargas talks about ‘relaxation’ in 2022. So it’s not Fael who’s talking, it’s not theory. (…) There is a lack of behavior of each one there, a lot is lacking. Lack of fighting spirit. When you’re winning it’s easy. I’m seeing them pushing responsibility on each other, and everyone cowering.”

With the result, Atltico remained in seventh position, with 36 points. America, on the other hand, was in ninth place, with 32. This is Coelho’s fifth unbeaten match in Serie A. On the other hand, Galo, if you consider all competitions, won only one of the last nine games he played.

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