“Does university entrance exams for Vitinho”; Journalist ‘shoots’ Flamengo striker and makes comparison with Matheus França


Renato Maurício Prado highlighted the striker has not been playing well and should be replaced

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF - Matheus França is cited in RMP's criticism of the Flamengo striker
Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF – Matheus França is cited in RMP’s criticism of the Flamengo striker

O Flamengo won Botafogo and maintains the good phase and good sequence of results. With the 1-0 victory over Botafogo, the mengão reached the 43 points conquered and, now, returned to the second place of Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. At the moment, the team follows with 7 points less than the leader, Palmeiras. In an analysis made after the game, Renato Maurício Prado questioned the opportunities given to Lázaro.

“Flamengo needs to find a guy to play in charge of the attack and not Lázaro. I don’t know if it’s Matheus França, much better than Lázaro and who plays in all positions from midfield to forward. Lázaro takes the entrance exam for Vitinho”analyzed the journalist about the young striker.

“He even scores some important goals, but I look at Lázaro and remember Vitinho. Kinda lost kid, with that face that doesn’t seem to be connected to the game. I think Flamengo needs to put a better kid in the attack, since Rodrigo Muniz left and there was no one left”continued RMP about Lázaro.

The journalist also pointed out that Dorival has been doing a good job at Rubro-Negro Carioca, but disagrees with some of his decisions in charge of the team. He mentioned that he still doesn’t understand why Diego Ribas keeps having the opportunity and Pulgar that he was hired, doesn’t.

“I even disagree with some decisions made by the red-black coach: insisting on Diego Ribas, for example, seems to me a reprehensible decision not to fight with one of the leaders of the squad. He’s not playing anymore. There shouldn’t even be a spot on team B. What was Erick Pulgar hired for?”concluded Renato.

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