Who won the presidential candidates debate? see reviews

At the end of the first debate between the candidates for the presidency of the Republic, the golden question is who came out victorious. President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) did not do well, according to columnists in the UOL and personalities on the networks. Simone Tebet (MDB) was well evaluated.

Promoted by UOLFolha de S.Paulo, Band and TV Cultura, the debate brought together the best-placed candidates in the polls: Lula, Bolsonaro, Ciro, Tebet, Soraya and D’Avila.

“While all attention was focused on Lula and Bolsonaro, it was Simone Tebet who stood out in the first debate of the presidential campaign”, evaluates columnist Chico Alves.

“With a calm and confident speech, Simone attacked the current government as a priority, but did not stop criticizing the PT. It was Simone who spoke of secret budget, maracutaia in the purchase of vaccines, Bolsonaro’s misogyny, monthly allowance and petrolão. “, concludes Alves.

In a qualitative survey carried out by Datafolha, in real time, Tebet was also the best evaluated in the debate. In second place was Ciro Gomes. The worst performance was with Bolsonaro.

Columnist André Santana agrees that Simone Tebet won the debate. “The candidate was firm in her criticism of both the current government and the PT administrations. She did not waver in this strategy, not even when former President Lula raised his ball, praising her performance at the CPI. , for obvious reasons, did not spare any accusations of corruption in previous governments”.

Journalist Leonardo Sakamoto highlighted Tebet and Ciro. “They were much better than the others. Lula played for the draw and signaled to Tebet and Ciro for the 2nd round. Bolsonaro went for the attack against the PT and could win rejection among women for the attack on Vera Magalhães”.

For journalist Ricardo Kotscho, despite the expectation of the circular debate around Lula and Bolsonaro, who won were the other four candidates: “They were the ones who won, the snipers, beating the two favorites. , will not change anything in the bread line”.

For columnist Josias de Souza, the good performance of Tebet and Ciro was bad news especially for Lula. “Simone Tebet won the first presidential debate of 2022. He can pinch votes among the undecided. Bolsonaro was the big loser of the night. Lula was the second worst. A paradox was produced: Simone’s success can favor Bolsonaro, because any hiccup from third way in the polls conspires against Lula’s dream of ending the game in the first round.”

“Ciro Gomes had the second best performance of the night, which also brings water to the mill that pushes the outcome of the polarization to the second round”, concludes Josias.

Columnist Tales Faria highlights the performance of Soraya Thronicke (União Brasil). “Ciro Gomes and Simone Tebet did well, taking advantage of the exposure on TV. But the big surprise was the candidate for União Brasil”.

“Soraya Thronicke, who has not even scored in opinion polls so far, has dealt the strongest blows against Bolsonaro’s misogyny by showing solidarity with journalist Vera Magalhães and with Simone herself against the angry attacks they suffered from Bolsonaro”, evaluates Faria. .

Lula and Bolsonaro’s performance

Lula and Bolsonaro, on the other hand, lost, according to Ricardo Kotscho. “The one who lost the most was Jair Bolsonaro, who only wanted to attack Lula and the PT, but ended up beating two women, journalist Vera Magalhães and senator Simone Tebet, further worsening his image with the female electorate.”

“Lula remained in the background, basing his speeches on many figures from his governments. He must have regretted having gone to the debate, where he had nothing to gain, and ended up becoming everyone’s target”, completes Kotscho.

Chico Alves goes in the same direction: “Lula lacked irony, lacked the humorous tirades, lacked the thrusts he used in the Jornal Nacional interview. have won new votes”

Columnist Olga Curado also negatively evaluated Lula’s performance in relation to corruption: “On the scoreboard of corruption, Lula lost. Bolsonaro, who brought up the subject, owed explanations on the subject”.

“The balance of the first debate between the presidential candidates was a demonstration of the misogynist soul of Jair Bolsonaro – he lost badly when he attacked the journalist Vera Magalhães and [falou de] victimization of women”, continues Curado.

Leonardo Sakamoto agrees: “Bolsonaro can see his rejection among women grow by the sexist attack on journalist Vera Magalhães, who had asked a question about vaccine. The president spoke to his bubble and must not have won new votes”.

Josias de Souza also thinks that the aggression against the journalist was a mistake by the president. “It would be up to Bolsonaro just to comment [uma pergunta de Vera Magalhães a Ciro]. Lacking arguments for self-defense, she threw a misogynistic tantrum, attacking the reporter. The captain’s piti radiated throughout the debate. Simone was the best rider on the subject. One of Bolsonaro’s goals was to reduce his rejection among women. The opposite happened.”

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