Why I decided to stop talking for 17 years

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John Francis, when he didn't talk and just walked, and now
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John Francis, in the days when he didn’t talk and only walked – and now

American John Francis made a life-changing decision as a young hippie: stop talking. He was silent for 17 years until he realized he had something he really needed to say.

It all started with an environmental disaster. A collision between two oil tankers in 1971 that contaminated the San Francisco Bay, California (USA), with more than half a million gallons of oil.

“I heard about it and wanted to see it, so I went from my little town of Inverness to San Francisco. I saw people on the beach in small groups cleaning. They would go into the water and come out with seabirds — pelicans, gulls and cormorants — covered in oil.”

That scene of the people trying to save the birds impacted him so much that he felt he needed to do something.

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