“A Remedy” – Miu Miu Jewelry with Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg

Photo: Julien Martinez Leclerc

THE Miu Miu collaborate with artists Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Bergwho designed the jewelry for the winter 2022 collection. Expanding our perceptions of what fashion and accessories can represent, the partnership reflects the long trajectory of Miu Miu’s commitment to artistic intervention in tangible life.


Photo: Julien Martinez Leclerc

Inspired by their 2015 series of sculptures, “A Thief Caught in the Act,” in which colorful birds steal equally-colored pills and small animals from a table expressing, according to the artists, “a desire to escape with humor and kindness,” the jewelry is tactile, seemingly innocent, but always with a hint of mischief. Nathalie and Berg named the collection “A Remedy” as they wanted the title to be comforting but exciting and a little mystical.

Photo: Julien Martinez Leclerc

The jewelry is presented in special boxes stamped with the Miu Miu brand and painted with a flora and fauna pattern in a palette of bright colors that echo the contents. When it opens, a carillon inside plays music composed especially for Berg’s project.

Photo: Julien Martinez Leclerc

Taking the collaboration to an even deeper level, in addition to creating the jewelry and packaging design, Nathalie and Berg are responsible for art direction for the campaign accompanying the launch. photographed by Julien Martinez Leclercthe collab presents the actress Isadora Bjarkardóttir Barney to the Miu Miu universe. Shot from extreme perspectives, the gem is seen through her eyes one moment, through ours the next, and through otherworldly creatures the next – those birds again and an oddly large skeletal hand. This reflects the intimate nature of the product, while exaggerating its proportions in a deliberately disorienting way. Are the creepy intruders giving the campaign star the jewels or taking them away from her? Nobody will ever know.

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