Alice Braga explains the reason for her low profile on the web and makes a confession

Alice Braga
Alice Braga revealed that social networks generate anxiety (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Very discreet on social media, Alice Braga he even posts some records on Instagram, but he doesn’t often detail his private life.

In an interview with L’officiel, the actress explained: “Social networks are a way of expressing ourselves and communicating with the collective. But everything has a positive and a negative side. Social media generates a lot of anxiety.”

“I say this because it often causes me anguish. So I avoid going in constantly.” told the famous.

“I try very hard to stay disconnected from the digital world, especially on days when I’m not working, to slow down my thinking and be more connected to the present moment.“, said.

“It is a challenge, but I feel that when we move away from social media, the internet, it brings us to the present, to live in the moment with the people you are close to”he reflected.

Alice Braga reveals life between Brazil and the United States

In the conversation, the actress, who has a successful career outside Brazil, said that she is “a bit of a nomad”.

I’ve lived between Los Angeles (USA) and São Paulo for about seven years, but I also travel a lot for projects. The series I starred in for five years, ‘The Queen of the South’, we shot in Dallas and New Orleans, and depending on where I shoot, I end up spending a lot of time in those other cities.“, he explained.

“But my base is in São Paulo and Los Angeles. I can take breaks from work commitments. What is needed to re-energize myself and restart the creative and preparation process”, revealed.

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The artist, who is dating Bianca Comparato, also said: “Staying close to family, friends, gives strength to carry on. I love to work. And I always say: the happiest place in the world is on a movie set.”.

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