Alpha transformation shown in BTS image from Tales of the Walking Dead

Living Dead fans have been left without Samantha Morton’s portrayal of Alpha since her character was killed off by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in season 10. However, her character returned in an episode of Tales of the Living Dead, a spin-off of the hit AMC show. The new series is an episodic anthology that follows characters from Living Dead universe, new and old.

Alpha is known as the leader of the Whispers, a savage group that did whatever it took to stay alive, even if it meant skinning walkers and using their faces to blend in with the treasures found in the zombie-infested area. During the third episode of the series, titled dee, the public got a look at Alpha’s origins. Before being a member of the Whispers, she was a woman named Dee, who focused on protecting her daughter Lydia, a prominent character within Living Dead.

While it’s unclear if we’ll see his character reappear in TWD universe, fans at least get one last look at Alpha, courtesy of AMC. The official Instagram account of Living Dead shared a behind-the-scenes photo of Morton in his Alpha gear, bald head and all. The post can be seen below.

The possibilities are endless with Tales of the Living Dead, as we’ve already seen Terry Crews and Olivia Munn make their in-universe debuts. Other deceased characters like Glenn, Abraham or even Shane have been able to see their backstories fleshed out in the anthology series as the seasons continue. But for now, we’ll have to wait and see how. Tales of the Living Dead airs every Sunday on AMC.

what is left for Tales of the Living Dead?

Tales of the Living Dead it’s sure to bring some surprises for fans every time a new installment arrives; luckily, AMC released some plot details to get audiences excited ahead of the final two episodes of Season 1. Episode 5, titled Davon, will feature Jessie T. Usher in the titular role alongside Embeth Davidtz, Loan Chabanol and Gage Munroe. AMC describes the episode as a fractured memory noir thriller that follows a strange young man who suddenly wakes up in a dangerous foreign city. Unfortunately, he doesn’t remember how he got there and must piece together fragments of his shattered mind to find out why the townspeople accuse him of murder.

The season 1 finale, titled La Dona, starring Danny Ramirez, Daniella Pineda and Julie Carmen. The episode will portray a haunting tale of a couple traumatized by the apocalypse who may or may not be plagued by a haunted house. Eventually, frightening memories along with unexplained phenomena in the house affect the couple’s psyche and their relationship.

Tales of the Living Dead has all the material needed to make an engaging and thoughtful side piece to the overall story of Living Dead. If AMC uses beloved characters and impactful storytelling, the new anthology series could be the next hit in the undead shared universe.

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