Android 13 is draining the battery of Pixel 6 devices faster

Android 13 has officially arrived for Pixel devices and their owners can update. However, users are reporting a recent issue regarding cell phone battery drain in idle mode. So, whoever has a device from the Pixel 6 line, it might be better not to do the update yet.

This is not the first issue around this issue, as the update to the new version of Android has already brought wireless charging issues to smartphones. Also, migrating to the new operating system makes it more difficult to try to go back to the old model.

The problem now happens to a huge number of people who are complaining on social networks and also on Google forum. In this way, the device cannot reach the end of the day of use without being recharged more than once. Still, the Pixel 4a and 5a models don’t seem to have been that affected by this scenario.

The manufacturer still does not seem aware of the situation that is affecting users. That is, an update that contains a fix for this problem doesn’t seem to be happening. That said, what remains is really to avoid doing the system update or looking for solutions on the support page that Google itself makes available.

It is worth remembering, first of all, that the increase in battery consumption is usually normal at first, since the smartphone is running some optimization processes in the background. However, the most common thing is that everything goes back to normal as the days go by, something that is not happening with Pixel devices. Ultimately, there is still hope that the September security patch will bring a fix for the problem.

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