Artemis I: Nasa Delays Launch of Historic Back-to-Moon Mission | Science

The countdown hasn’t even started and NASA’s Artemis I mission, which was supposed to start on Monday morning (29) as the first step in the program that promises to return humans to the Moon, has been cancelled.

At least for a while. The expectation now is that the launch will take place next Friday (2) or, if new problems happen, on September 5th.

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While several spectators awaited the launch of the “most powerful rocket” built by the space agency, the Space Launch System – SLS (in Portuguese, Space Launch System)the clock that indicated the minutes until the mission’s launch was stopped for about 30 minutes for an assessment of technical problems.

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Artemis I is the first step towards colonization of the Moon

Artemis I is the first step towards colonization of the Moon

Earlier, on a social network, NASA reported that the agency’s engineers were evaluating a problem with liquid hydrogen in the megarocket’s number 3 engine.

However, at around 10:00 am ET, NASA’s official broadcast confirmed that the launch would be delayed.

How is the structure of the SLS — Photo: Arte/g1

“We don’t launch [nada ao espaço] if it’s not all right,” NASA Director Bill Nelson said in a live broadcast shortly after the cancellation was announced.

According to the space agency, despite the technical problems, the SLS megarocket continues with its “stable and safe” configurations.

Although the first mission was uncrewed, the SLS is the agency’s first crew-ready rocket to be deployed. launched to the moon in nearly 50 years.

So, if all goes as planned next time, the expectation is that, in 2025, that same mega-rocket will take astronauts back to lunar soil, including the first woman and the first black person.

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