Atltico president explains punishments to Vargas after being expelled

Vargas is out of the loop again
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Vargas was out of the relationship again and followed the classic as a fan

Since being sent off at the end of the game against Palmeiras, in the goalless draw that resulted in Atltico being eliminated in the penalties, in the quarter-finals of the Copa Libertadores, striker Vargas was no longer linked by coach Cuca. The president of Galo, Srgio Coelho, explained that the player was punished by the coach and the board itself for failing to comply with the club’s internal regulations.

In the draw against America, at Independência, Vargas was out of the relationship and even so he was in the stadium to accompany the team. in interview radio Itatiaiathe president of Galo explained that the player, after being punished by the technical commission for the expulsion against Palmeiras, suffered a new sanction from the board, which prolonged the removal.

“When he was expelled, the technical commission thought he should stay out of one or two games. Talking about a very bad dressing room. What happened is that we have an internal regulation for any athlete and those who violated pay a fine. He complied with the punishments that were foreseen in the regulation”, explained the alvinegro representative.

“Later, when he was about to return, he made another mistake, which was not intentional in my view. He gave an interview where he wasn’t wearing the club’s uniform and didn’t even go through the advice and was punished by the board”, added the president, who avoided taxing the player as a “scapegoat” for the bad phase of the team.

“We are not here to crucify an athlete, who was important in some games. We need to deal with it firmly, but we understand that we are dealing with a human being and if each person who makes mistakes is crucified, we will not help at all. alternative so that we can show authority, but without ceasing to respect people”, stressed Srgio Coelho.


In the midst of the removal, news emerged about a possible negotiation by Vargas, which is of interest to Grmio. The president of Galo, however, as well as the football director Rodrigo Caetano, assured that there is no proposal by the striker. “Our director said that there were consultations, but speculation consultation, there is no proposal. We will evaluate a proposal by any athlete, but there is no proposal”, he reinforced.

In contact with Superesportes, the player’s manager, Andr Cury, ruled out negotiations for the Chilean’s departure. “He has a 28-month contract with Atltico (until December 2024). I am not aware of any offers. He is an Atltico player,” he said.

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