Beware of this fake Google Chrome extension

The Google Chrome extension known as “Internet Download Manager”, which has received over 200,000 installations by users, contains adware. According to the first user reviews, the extension has been available on Google Chrome since June 2019.

While the extension may install a known and legitimate download manager program, BleepingComputer has noted that the extension does many other things, such as opening links to spam sites, changing the browser’s default search engine, and tracking the user with pop-ups. prompting you to install programs.

The extension is known to increase the browser’s download speed tenfold as an incentive for consumers to download. It is a copy of genuine software known as Internet Download Manager. The original and real name of this extension in Chrome and Firefox is IDM Integration Module.

The publisher of the real Internet Download Manager, Tonec, warns users about this program and that “all IDM extensions that can be found on the Google Store are fake and should not be used”, acknowledging that its software reputation is being used for purposes malicious.

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