Can I use an entire photo on my WhatsApp profile? find it out

The WhatsCrop application is a very interesting tool for you who want to make your profile stylized. Learn how to use an entire picture in your messenger profile the easy way.

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We have separated a complete step-by-step guide that will teach you, without a doubt, how to use the entire photo on your WhatsApp profile right now. Download the mentioned app, install it and start following the instructions below.

Follow the step by step below

First step to put a whole picture on WhatsApp profile

The first thing you have to do to put an entire picture on your WhatsApp profile is tap on the Select Photo option within the WhatsCrop app. Then select the Gallery option and open all the images that are present in your photo gallery on the mobile.

Second step to leave your entire photo in the messenger

After opening the gallery that exists on your smartphone, just search for the photo you want to put in its full size in the app. This can be done within Google Photos or some other similar software as well.

Check out the third step to continue the process

Now you will need to resize and adjust which area of ​​the photo will appear on your profile within the Whatsapp. To adjust, you need to drag the edges of the white rectangle that will appear on your screen. When you have finished making all the adjustments, tap the “check” symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.

Fourth step to use an entire photo in messenger

You can take advantage of various background options that are possible to insert in your chosen image. Just select what you want and confirm your action.

Fifth step to put a whole picture on WhatsApp profile

After you finish all the step by step, you can insert the photo directly into your profile on WhatsApp. When you tap ok, everything is finished.

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