Canadian anchor fired after adopting gray hair

The journalist left the command of 'CTV National News' after 35 years of service

The journalist left the command of ‘CTV National News’ after 35 years of service

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Canadian journalist and anchor Lisa LaFlamme has left the helm of ‘CTV National News’ after 35 years of service. In a video posted on her Twitter profile, Lisa announced that she was “surprised” to learn that her contract was terminated.

“I was taken by surprise and am still shocked and saddened by Bell Media’s decision,” she said.

However, a report by CNN journalist Poppy Harlow summarized Lisa’s dismissal, claiming that the reasons were ageism (age prejudice), sexism and the fact that the journalist assumed her gray hair.

Also according to Poppy Harlow, internal information reveals that “the bigwigs didn’t like to see a gray-haired woman in charge of the newspaper”. Bell Media, CTV’s parent company, claims that LaFlamme’s hair color had nothing to do with the termination of the contract.

After the presenter’s departure, a movement in support of Lisa has been gaining strength. Wendy’s, the traditional fast-food company, replaced the iconic red-haired girl in its logo with a gray-haired girl, in support of Lisa LaFlamme. Dove also announced a campaign in support of Lisa and her silver locks.

“Aging is beautiful. We should all be able to do it on our own terms and without consequences,” Dove wrote in an Instagram post.

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