Cassio almost perfect and Piton worse on the field; see notes from Corinthians

In front of almost 40 thousand fans and under a strong cold in the night of São Paulo, Corinthians won again in the Brazilian Championship. After three matches without winning, Timão beat RB Bragantino 1-0, with a goal from Gustavo Mosquito, and remained in the direct classification zone for next season’s Copa Libertadores – and remained, why not, alive in the dispute for more a national title.

At Live from Corinthiansprogram of UOL Esporte right after Timão’s matches, journalists Vitor Guedes and Ricardo Perrone analyzed the individual performance of athletes led by Vítor Pereira at the Neo Química Arena. (See notes below)


Vitor Guedes: Nothing was wrong – 9.0

Ricardo Perrone: He was ‘the man’ of the game – 9.0


Vitor Guedes: It was very good in the match – 7.0

Ricardo Perrone: – 6.5


Victor Guedes: – 7.0

Ricardo Perrone: – 7.0


Victor Guedes: – 7.0

Ricardo Perrone: – 7.5

Lucas Piton

Vitor Guedes: He was the worst of the team, very bad in the first half – 3.0

Ricardo Perrone: – 4.5

Fausto Vera

Vitor Guedes: In addition to playing well, he manages the midfield. He arranges the team, does the reading – 8.0

Ricardo Perrone: He is conquering his importance in the squad – 7.0

Du Queiroz

Vitor Guedes: He was the best, in line, of the team. Ball on the post, participation of play, was on goal – 8.5

Ricardo Perrone: It went very well – 7.5

Renato Augusto

Victor Guedes: – 6.0

Ricardo Perrone: Played a lot less than I expected – 6.0

Gustavo Mosquito

Victor Guedes: – 7.5

Ricardo Perrone: Played a lot of ball – 8.5

Roger Guedes

Vitor Guedes: It was very good, participated in the goal, gave a goal to Du Queiroz [que desperdiçou]. I thought his departure was when Bragantino grew up in the game – 8.0

Ricardo Perrone: He played a lot of ball too – 8.0

Yuri Alberto

Vitor Guedes: In addition to playing less, he lost a lot of goals and still got a tantrum – 5.0

Ricardo Perrone: Another guy who played a lot less than I expected – 5.5

Victor Pereira

Vitor Guedes: He prepared the team well, climbed well, but he moved very badly… he exaggerated the dose and brought a very high risk – 5.5

Ricardo Perrone: Despite having complicated, and almost complicated the team in the end, he climbed well – 6.0

Don’t miss out! The next edition of Live from Corinthians will be on Sunday (09/04), right after the match against Internacional, also for the Brazilian Championship. You can follow the live on the UOL Channel, in the app UOL Scoreon the Corinthians page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on Youtube.

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