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The grand finale of the 2nd Split of the 2022 Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL) is coming. To celebrate yet another decision, which will classify the champion for the Worlds 2022, the LoL World Championship, ge prepared a quiz with ten questions about the finalists paiN Gaming and LOUD and the curiosities that involve them in the history of CBLOL. They will face each other next Saturday, September 3, at Ginásio do Ibirapuera, at 1 pm (Brasilia time), with live broadcast on sportv 4 and real-time coverage ge.

+ CBLOL 2022 final will have paiN x LOUD in an unprecedented duel at Ibirapuera

CBLOL 2022 Final: Test your knowledge about the 2nd Split in the quiz — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

Take the CBLOL 2022 2nd Split Final Quiz:

  1. Who is the only finalist who played the decision of the 2nd Split of CBLOL 2016, also at Ginásio Ibirapuera?

    • Dynquedo (paN)
    • Tinowns (LOUD)
    • Robot (LOUD)
    • damage (paN)

  2. Which finalist player has the most decision stakes in CBLOL history?

    • Robot (LOUD)
    • Tinowns (LOUD)
    • Dynquedo (paN)
    • CarioK (paiN)

  3. From CBLOL 2016, which casters will be broadcasting on CBLOL 2022?

    • Schaeppi, Tixinha, gstv and Skeat
    • Schaeppi, gstv, Melon and Skeat
    • Gstv, Skeat and Schaeppi
    • Toboco, gstv, melon and skeat

  4. PaiN and LOUD have faced each other in ten series in CBLOL history. What is the results report?

    • 5 wins from paiN and 5 wins from LOUD
    • 8 wins from paiN and 2 wins from LOUD
    • 7 wins from paiN and 3 wins from LOUD
    • 6 wins from paiN and 4 wins from LOUD

  5. Who was the MVP of the first game in history between LOUD and paiN?

    • Tay (LOUD at the time)
    • DudsTheBoy (LOUD at the time)
    • brTT (paN at the time)
    • Luci (father at the time)

  6. Which player has participated in paiN’s three CBLOL titles?

  7. LOUD seeks the first CBLOL title. Which member has been on the first team since joining the franchise?

  8. If they win the final, will LOUD be the first champion since Team One in 2017?

  9. PaiN and LOUD did the same campaign in the qualifying phase of the 2nd Split of 2022?

    • Yes, both with 12 wins and six losses
    • Yes, both with 11 wins and seven losses
    • Yes, both with 13 wins and five losses
    • No

  10. Which athletes have already played for the opposing team in this final?

    • Robo, Croc and Tinowns
    • Robo, CarioK, Tinowns and Dynquedo
    • Robo and Tinowns
    • Robo, Tinowns and Dynquedo

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