Did you know that you can free up space on your phone WITHOUT deleting apps? Know how!

Nowadays, most people use their cell phone throughout the day, for various reasons. Some people use their cell phones only to keep in touch with friends and to access social networks. However, there are also those who use it to work and study. Regardless of the reason, having memory on your cell phone is something very important.

This is because a cell phone with low memory may not allow the person to download applications, documents, photos, and it can also make it difficult to fully use the functions and applications that the user already has on their cell phone. But is it possible to free up space in the phone’s memory without having to delete applications? The answer is yes! See more below.

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Free up space on your phone

When we talk about cell phone memory, many people seek to buy an electronic device that has a good capacity, precisely to avoid having problems with it later on.

However, the time of use of the device, downloading applications, photos, videos, sending messages, among many other issues, all this can contribute to the cell’s memory slowly decreasing.

However, what many people may not know is that, through some simple strategies, it is possible to help expand the cell phone memory, without having to delete applications.

The first possibility is to put the photos in the cloud. Devices that have iOS and Android operating system have this function. Thus, in addition to being able to keep your photos in a safer place, it is also possible to make space on your cell phone.

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What other options?

In addition, another alternative that can also help to free up space on your phone is to delete WhatsApp chat messages.

One of the reasons for this is that messages occupy an internal space on the cell phone. As good as it is to have old conversations saved, it is very likely that there are those conversations that you no longer need to read, right?

So, the tip is to check which conversations you can delete and thus delete them, to increase the space without having to delete the other apps you have. When you find a conversation that can be deleted, just click on it and hold. Then it will be selected and you will see a trash can icon. By clicking on the confirm icon, the action will be done.

Finally, the last tip is to disable automatic app updates. That way, you can choose which apps you want to update, and with that, you can save some memory by not updating them all constantly.

However, it is worth remembering that updating some is necessary. This is both to have access to the latest resources available and to ensure that the app works properly.

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