Drew Barrymore’s Heartbreaking Family Confession That Left Fans in Tears

Drew Barrymore fans are used to the actress baring everything on her chat show The Drew Barrymore Show, not shying away from difficult, emotional conversations.

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However, when it comes to crying, she says there is really only one thing that will really bring tears to her eyes, and that is thinking about her two daughters, Olive and Frankie.

During a memorable and very emotional episode of her TV show, what started out as a fun challenge between her and Scarlett Johansson turned into a touching conversation about motherhood and her own difficult childhood and relationship with her mother.

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The two stars started talking about crying on command, and when they bet with each other to see who could shed tears first, Drew took the challenge to heart.

As the two inhaled and concentrated on bringing back tears, the Marvel star immediately noticed how quickly the presenter’s face changed, telling her, “You’re going to a dark place…”

Drew promptly relented, explaining, “It’s true, I only cry when I start talking about my daughters… I’ll go there.”

The sincere and sincere conversation

Challenge aside, she made a heartbreaking confession: “I didn’t think I could… I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to have the experiences I didn’t have with my mother. It really bothers me. .”

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She detailed that: “It’s like a chance to get things that…are not right because they were never wrong, I loved my childhood, I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but it’s like, all of a sudden I have this magical ability…”

Drew and his mother, Jaid, in 2001

Drew grew up in the spotlight from day one, alone with her mother, Jaid Barrymore, after the star’s father, John Barrymore, left them. They had a rocky relationship after the daytime show’s host was left to her own devices, leading to her experimenting with alcohol at age nine, drugs soon after, and eventually an emancipation at age 14.

They’ve since repaired their relationship, and fans couldn’t help but sympathize, writing, “I started crying as soon as she said she didn’t have it with her mom” and, “I’m crying right away with you…” as well as: ” Drew you are such a passionate person and you are you because of everything you’ve been through.”

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