Flight attendant succeeds in revealing dirtiest parts of plane

Flight attendant Brenda Orelus, known to 100,000 followers on TikTok and 50,000 on Instagram as “Flight Bae B”, has been a hit online with tips and behind-the-scenes revelations about the lives of those who fly professionally.

In the last week, only one of his videos has reached 30,000 views. The reason? In it, the professional from Miami, in the US state of Florida, tells which is the dirtiest surface inside an aircraft – and it is far from the toilet.

The point in question is precisely the pocket behind the back of the plane seat. “They’re dirtier than sinks, they’re dirtier than seat cushions, they’re dirtier than table trays. And that’s because they’re never cleaned. Unless somebody throws up or there’s something sticky or pus coming out of it, it’s not clean.” , handed Brenda.

“All those germs build up and there’s no real regular maintenance or cleaning of those surfaces, while sinks are regularly cleaned and disinfected,” he explains.

The commissioner shocked some followers with the news, who commented that they often put small personal belongings, such as cell phones, in the compartment. However, one traveler attested to Brenda’s point with personal experience:

It is very true! I once saw a father put a used diaper in the back pocket of his seat.

On the other hand, user Brooklyn Cantrell introduced herself as an aircraft cleaning worker and denied the flight attendant’s allegations.

“That’s not true, I work cleaning planes and we actually have two teams for each aircraft. One takes out the trash and vacuums while the other team does the deep cleaning.”

Brenda Orelus is a flight attendant and shares details about her routine on social media - Instagram/Reproduction - Instagram/Reproduction

Brenda Orelus is a flight attendant and shares details about her routine on social media

Image: Instagram/Reproduction

Brenda, however, countered: “What is the state of the team during a quick stop? [entre voos]? How many times are you rushed off the plane so they can board and take off?”

In another video, Brenda teaches passengers to never use toilet paper in the plane’s toilets, but instead use tissues in the compartment above the toilet. “When turmoil happens and boys ‘are aiming’ [o vaso], they aim and hit everywhere. Usually this [a urina] ends up on toilet paper”, he explains.

Scarves, on the other hand, are usually “out of the firing line” of children, according to Brenda, and are safer to use on their private parts. Other travelers even recommended bringing your own baby wipes in your flight bag.

Finally, Brenda still recommends never walking barefoot on the plane, especially for that bathroom break in the middle of the night. She says that liquid on the floor “is never water”. Better to avoid unpleasant surprises when you can barely see the ground.

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