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Swimming pool in the Provence region of France (Photo: Dancurko/Getty Images)

Swimming pool in the Provence region of France (Photo: Dancurko/Getty Images)

Homeowners with undeclared pools are in France’s crosshairs. Since October of last year, the country’s government has been working with IT company Capgemini, which in turn works with Google, to analyze publicly available aerial photos taken by the French National Institute of Geographical and Forestry Information.

According to the portal The Verge, to identify the pools, an artificial intelligence software, the AI-pool-spotter, was developed. The information collected by him is later cross-referenced with national tax and real estate records.

So far, the project has analyzed images covering just 9 of France’s 96 metropolitan departments. Despite being a small area, authorities discovered 20,356 undeclared pools, according to the French government’s tax office, DGFiP, better known as Le Fisc. As a result, they managed to raise almost €10 million (approximately R$50.7 million) in additional taxes.

Early reports suggested that machine learning software had an unusually high error rate of 30% and regularly confused other architectural features, such as solar panel installations, with swimming pools. However, Le Fisc says it solved the problem.

The government now plans to expand the use of the AI-pool-spotter to the entire metropolitan area of ​​the country (excluding the overseas departments), which could yield an additional €40 million in taxes. In addition, you must use the technology to identify other unreported and taxable housing improvements, such as extensions and attachments.

The number of swimming pools in France grows

In 2020, it was estimated that France had around 3,200 private swimming pools. However, as noted by the The Vergethe number of constructions increased as more people worked from home during the lockdowns brought on by the covid-19 pandemic and summer temperatures soared across Europe.

Along with the issue of non-payment of taxes, pool ownership has become somewhat controversial in the country this year because of the historic drought that plagued the region. Because of this, the government even considered banning new construction, but many parliamentarians were against the idea.

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