G502X: Logitech modernizes one of its best-selling mice on the market

The manufacturer reformulated the accessory, which became its own line with three different models

THE logitech announced this Tuesday (30) the launch of G502X line, an updated version of their popular G502 mouse. Keeping the same consecrated design of the previous models, the company has made material changes that guarantee a weight of only 89 grams and, thanks to an updated Lightspeed protocol, response times up to 68% faster.

The new line will consist of three mouse models: G502 X, G502 X Lightspeed and G502 X Plus, and only the first one has a wired connection. everyone will use the manufacturer’s optical-mechanical switch technologywhich promises to combine endurance, high level of performance and low latency.

Accessories were also equipped with the Hero 25K sensor, the most advanced option ever created by Logitech. The company also bet on a curious feature: a reversible DPI adjustment knobwhich can be configured to best suit the user’s footprint.

G502X line brings very similar models

The new G502X line brings models that are very similar to each other, to the point that it is somewhat difficult to differentiate them. The main highlight of the model G502 X Plusfor example, is the fact that it is the only one to accompany an LED strip with eight lighting points which, according to the manufacturer, can be configured to follow the movements of each person.

Common elements between mice include the compatibility with the G Hub software, 5 usage profiles stored in the internal memory and charging via USB-C cable (removable, in wireless versions). Logitech reports that the G502X Lightspeed Wireless battery lasts up to 140 hours on a single chargea value that should be slightly reduced in the Plus version when the RGB strip is on.

All models will be available in black and white and are now available at pre-order on the official Logitech website and at retailers like Amazon. The wired G502 X model will cost $79.99 (R$401), while the Lightspeed Wireless version goes for US$ 139.99 (R$ 701), a price that rises to US$ 159.99 (802) on the Plus model.

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Aurora Collection: Logitech introduces new range of keyboard, mouse and headset for gamers
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