Hamilton is expected to have a grid penalty soon; understand scenario

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British pilot of mercedesthe seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton may have a grid penalty for the Dutch GP formula 1 after damage resulting from the accident with the Spanish Fernando Alonsofrom Alpine, at the Belgian GP, ​​at Spa-Francorchamps, last Sunday.

The power unit used by Hamilton at the Belgian stage was sent to Mercedes’ engine plant in Brixworth, England, for inspections after last weekend’s race, in which the Briton retired shortly after his collision with former Spanish rivals. .

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Should Mercedes assess that the damage was too great to use the unit again, the hepta is likely to face a grid penalty in the near future. The ‘sequels’ of the Alonso incident are mostly related to Hamilton’s violent ‘landing’ after the ‘takeoff’ at Spa.

Subsequently, a onboard of Alonso and other drivers shows fluid coming out of the rear of Hamilton’s W13, who reported that he could feel some damage to the Silver Arrows single-seater in Belgium.

The team studied the car’s telemetry immediately after impact, and soon afterward Hamilton’s race engineer Peter Bonnington asked the driver to stop his car as soon as he could.

When the seven-time champion ‘parked’, it was seen that a lot of smoke was coming out of the vehicle, so there is great concern about the power unit in question, which is also justified by the urgency with which ‘Bono’ asked Hamilton to abandon.

A Mercedes spokesperson confirmed to the motorsport.com that the engine has been sent to Brixworth for evaluation and that a verdict as to whether or not to use it again is expected shortly, noting that the ‘health’ of the V6 is “definitely a concern”.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13 crash with Fernando Alonso, Alpine A522

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13 crash with Fernando Alonso, Alpine A522

Hamilton had only used two internal combustion units before installing the third on Friday at Spa, so the engine in question was new and had an expected ‘durability’ of approximately seven races, so the expectation was to go ahead with him until the end of the year.

Furthermore, Hamilton is at the limit of the allocation of its MGU-K (a new one has also been installed at Spa), in addition to turbo, MGU-H, electronic control and energy storage, so any new component will generate a grid penalty.

However, Mercedes says its old power units are operational. On the other hand, they already have high mileage and teams typically reserve them for Friday practice. Furthermore, after the Dutch GP comes the Monza race, which demands a lot from the engine.

To make matters worse, it wasn’t just Hamilton’s power unit that was potentially impacted by the incident involving Alonso: the gearbox was another hit piece, with its mount being broken. However, if a new box needs to be installed, it will still be in the allocation.

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