Has your cell phone been stolen? See HOW to block Pix and other important services

Nowadays, the existence of digital banks and fintechs has made the financial lives of millions of citizens much easier. It is now possible to access numerous services over the phone, services that previously required people to appear in person at an agency in order to gain access.

In addition, people can deal with banking problems, often through the app, in the case of banks that do not have face-to-face branches. However, what to do when your cell phone is stolen? This can generate a very big headache, not only because of the loss of the item, but because the criminal may have access to the Pix. Learn how to block services.

Learn how to block Pix in case your cell phone is stolen / Image: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Stolen cell phones can give criminals access

Currently, cell phone theft followed by bank scams is unfortunately common. Often criminals, by stealing or stealing the victim’s device, are able to gain access to their banking applications and, in this way, enjoy the services they offer. This is the case, for example, with the Pix method.

As much as the cell phone requires a password in order to be unlocked, it is not uncommon for criminals to circumvent the mechanism by invading the device using their own methods.

Thus, nowadays there are even gangs that specialize in scams of this type, although the police are still unable to identify precisely which groups they are. Therefore, you need to protect yourself and know what to do in case your cell phone is stolen.

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Block Pix and other services

The first step to take when a person realizes that their cell phone has been stolen is to contact the financial institutions with which the person has an account. And, in this way, request the blocking of services, such as bank transfers and Pix.

In addition, it is also possible to immediately change the password of accounts that have information that may be sensitive. This is the case with emails, for example. Yet another step is to notify the telephone operator that both the chip and the cell phone were stolen. The purpose of this is to block the phone line. This is because if the people who stole the phone manage to make use of the line, they can get information from the chip. Or even impersonate someone else on WhatsApp in order to apply scams.

It is important to highlight that another relevant step is to register a BO at a police station, so that it is legally recognized that the cell phone was stolen.

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