HDDSuperClone discloses source code and becomes Open Source

Software to copy information from faulty HDDs is available on GitHub

Software for copying information from faulty hard drives HDDSuperClone is now Open Source. The developer responsible for the project, Scott Dwyer, has released the utility’s source code to all users via GitHub. According to the team, the decision was made due to lack of time to take care of the software.

Download HDDSuperClone from GitHub

the code is open under the GPLv2 (General Public License), that characterizes the program as free, but prevents the source code from being appropriated by third parties. HDDSuperClone is a utility capable of extracting saved data from the HDD in case of read errors or unstable hardware magnetic heads, regardless of whether the hard drive in question is LMR, CMR, PMR or SMR.

HDDSuperClone has an advanced self-learning algorithm capable of jumping heads while reading the faulty HDD. This means that: O algorithm will try to skip the bad magnetic head, after about seven troublesome readings, without using special commands. The software does not need commands provided by the manufacturer and can efficiently guarantee the copying of files.

HDDs will long continue to be a good storage option for many situations, especially considering the possible environmental risks of SSDs. Therefore, it is important that HDDSuperClone continues in development after becoming Open Source.

Pro version of the software offers several features

The free version of the software uses SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) commands to communicate with the HDD, capable of identifying when a disk drive is no longer responding correctly. The Pro version of HDDSuperClone can use a direct I/O connection (input and output) to access memory.

The Pro version also includes the following features:

  • Direct AHCI and Direct USB pass-through mode, for resetting or resetting unstable drives;
  • «Virtual Controller» mode that allows you to copy specific sectors of the hard disk, where important data is located;
  • Ability to access a drive through a different logical sector virtual disk. Useful function, for example, when a disk is accessed through SATA interface, but originally it was used with USB interface;
  • Support for cloning and imaging SAS (SCSI) drives;
  • Disk status analysis function;
  • Fast Skip Mode, with advanced algorithm to avoid disk corruption and more efficiently skip faulty magnetic heads;
  • Ability to adjust write block size, optimizing bad sectors on disks with 4096 byte sectors.

Users interested in downloading the software or knowing the source code, it is available on GitHub. Enthusiasts plan to continue developing the project collaboratively, which is good for everyone who needs the program.

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