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Inter confirmed the favoritism and thrashed Juventude by 4-0 on Monday night. Johnny, twice headed, Wanderson and Edenilson, from penalty, scored the goals in Beira-Rio.

With the result, Inter is in fifth position in the Brasileirão with 42 points. In the next round, Mano Menezes’ team faces Corinthians. The match will be played on Sunday, at 4 pm, at Neo Quimica Arena.

Johnny [VOL]:
Take advantage of the sequence given by Mano Menezes and establish himself among the holders. Marks, moves and appears as an option in the attack. On Monday night, he showed opportunism. After Carlos de Pena took the corner, he rose above the Juventude defense to save with a header. He even made the third, completing Wanderson’s cross. He was eventually replaced by Edenilson – Grade: 8.0

Johnny do Internacional — Photo: Maxi Franzoi/AGIF

Wanderson [ATA]:
He is Inter’s main signing of the season and the team’s differential. He followed Pegorari’s movement as he defended Carlos de Pena’s penalty, took the rebound and kicked with no chance for the goalkeeper to catch it. The third came out after a perfect cross for Johnny to widen. In the end, he went out to Taison’s entrance – Grade: 7.5

Carlos de Pena [MEI]:
He missed again a penalty in Beira-Rio, with the defense of Pegorari. However, he took a whimsical corner for Johnny’s first goal. Vitão’s also came out in a strike by the Uruguayan, but it ended up being annulled. At the end of the match, he gave way to Pedro Henrique – Note: 6.5

Daniel [GOL]: 7.0
busts [LAD]: 6.0
vitão [ZAG]: 6.0
Marketplace [ZAG]: 6.0
René [LAE]: 6.0
Gabriel [VOL]: 6.5
Johnny [VOL]: 8.0
(Edenilson [VOL]: 7.0)
Carlos de Pena [MEI]: 6.5
(Pedro Henrique [ATA]: no grade)
Mauritius [MEI]: 6.5
(Alan Patrick [MEI]: 6.0)
Wanderson [ATA]: 7.5
(Taison [ATA]: no grade)
German [ATA]: 6.0
(Braian Romero [ATA]: no grade)

New Inter banner — Photo: Reproduction

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