Monkey masturbates? Yes, and with sex toys. know more

In an article recently published in the Journal Ethology, researchers reported that some species of monkeys, skilled at using stones to find and ‘prepare’ food, also use them for self-stimulation.

They often hit rocks around their genitals, provoking excitement. Self-directed masturbation with tools – i.e. rocks are a kind of monkey sex toys – at least for the long-tailed ones who live in or near the Sacred Monkey Forest sanctuary in Ubud, Indonesia.

The stone manipulation actions of 173 monkeys of this species were observed. As with humans – my observation, not the researchers’ – young males were more involved in the activity of touching and rubbing their genitals, compared to adults, and were more likely to engage in situations of sexual tension with others.” peers” of the same age. There is no way to affirm and ‘measure’ the sensation of pleasure, but vocalizations of pain were not observed, such as when, for example, they hurt themselves or suffer aggressions.

From the evolutionary point of view of the human species, genetic inheritance, transmitted over generations, is at the service of increasing the survival of the species and reproductive success. Studies with primates, our ‘cousins’ of the animal kingdom, can help to understand other sexual behaviors, more related to pleasure, which are typically observed in humans due to the greater complexity of our brain and which are most likely derived from sexual selection.

It is classic, for example, the disclosure of the sexual behavior of bonobo monkeys, which seem to use sex in a very playful way, in order to vent sexual tension, by people who claim greater freedom in this field.

Bonobos often have sex, with no reproductive intent, with many different ‘partners’, including the same biological sex. Their non-monogamous behavior is often used to compare how the human species was locked in cultural rules. However, it is important to emphasize that any simplistic comparison in this field is frivolous. Human beings have developed a complex culture and our sexuality is crossed by social constructions, as well as influenced by evolutionary aspects.

Can we say then that the stone is the most primitive sex toy, the predecessor tool of the first known and patented vibrator in the 19th century? Who knows….but I suggest that we make use of the wonderful technological evolution to have fun in this field.

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