More people smoke weed than tobacco in the US, survey says

While 16% of Americans say they smoke marijuana regularly, 11% say they use tobacco.

A Gallup poll found that 16% of Americans regularly smoke marijuana. Those who smoke tobacco add up to a smaller percentage: 11%. This was the first time more people said they used marijuana than tobacco in the country.

Also according to the survey, 48% of respondents said they had tasted the herb at least once in their lives. When the question was first asked, in 1969, it was only 4%.

Among those who consume regularly, the 1st Gallup data is from 2013, when 7% of Americans said they smoke marijuana.


Marijuana Consumption in the US; green line: people who said they had smoked marijuana – blue line: people who smoke regularly

The consumption of tobacco cigarettes, on the other hand, has fallen sharply in the country. The highest level was recorded in the mid-1950s, when 45% of the population claimed to be smokers. Compared to 2022, the decline was 34 percentage points.

About 3 in 10 non-smokers today are former smokers.


Tobacco consumption in the US since 1947

Marijuana is most popular among 18-34 year olds: 30% said they smoke marijuana and 8% said they smoke tobacco cigarettes. The scenario is reversed among those over 55 years old: 14% said they smoke tobacco cigarettes and 7% said they smoke marijuana. Among people aged 35 to 54, 16% smoke marijuana and 10% tobacco.


Alcohol is by far the most used drug in the US among the 3 included in the survey. About 45% said they had had an alcoholic beverage in the past week, while 23% said they consumed it occasionally. of the population said to be “totally abstinent”.

According to Gallup, alcohol consumption has varied little over the years. Since 1939, when the first survey was taken, the average percentage of Americans who said they drink was 63%, up from 67% in 2022.


Alcohol consumption in the US from 1939 to 2022

A survey on consumption habits of US citizens was carried out in July and published in August.

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