Sampaio Corrêa x Cruzeiro: see where to watch, lineups, embezzlement and refereeing | Brazilian series b

Sampaio Corrêa and Cruzeiro will play this Tuesday, at 7 pm, at Castelão, in São Luís, a duel for the 27th round of the 2022 Serie B Brazilian Championship. The teams are in totally different situations, because while Cruzeiro counts the hours to reach the access and leads the competition with 57 points, Bolivia Querida tries to get away from the bottom of the table as quickly as possible and is tenth with 34 points.

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Castelão Stadium hosts the match — Photo: Afonso Diniz / ge

Until their last home game, Sampaio was undefeated in the Brasileirão as home team and did not lose at Castelão for exactly five months. In front of Cruzeiro, Tricolor wants to show its strength by playing at home and be reunited with the victory, after all, in addition to the defeat at home to CRB, the team from Maranhão comes from two draws away and has not won for three games.

Cruzeiro resumed the momentum in Serie B. It still hasn’t lost in the return and has already accumulated nine unbeaten games in the competition, with five wins and four draws in this sequence. Absolute leader, with 57 points, Raposa is 10 behind Bahia, runner-up, and 19 behind Londrina, the first team outside the G-4 of the competition.

Streaming: Premiere broadcasts the match throughout Brazil. O ge will broadcast in real time, with videos of the main bids.

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Striker Pimentinha, who only entered the second half in the last round, against Vila Nova, should resume the title and Nádson should return to the reserve. Same situation as Pará, who should be reappointed on the left side in the vacancy of Lucas Hipólito.

likely lineup: Matheus Inácio; Mateusinho, Alan Godói, Paulo Sérgio and Pará; André Luiz, Ferreira and Rafael Vila; Pimentinha, Gabriel Poveda and Léo Tocantins.

who is out: Gabriel Furtado, Luiz Daniel, Joécio and Ygor Catatau (injured)

hanging: Rafael Oliveira, Mateusinho, Gabriel Poveda, Renatinho, Ferreira and Pará

Prováve Sampaio to face Cruzeiro — Photo: ge

cruise – coach: Paulo Pezzolano

Cruzeiro’s main reinforcement for the match is precisely Paulo Pezzolano, who returns to the bench after the club achieves a suspensive effect in relation to the two games of punishment imposed by the STJD. There is a possibility – and it is the highest probability – of repeating the team that started against Náutico, since Chay, who served a suspension on Friday, is not among those listed.

Likely lineup: Rafael Cabral; Zé Ivaldo, Lucas Oliveira and Eduardo Brock; Wesley Gasolina, Filipe Machado, Neto Moura, Matheus Bidu and Daniel Jr; Luvannor and Ed.

Embezzlement: João Paulo and Waguininho (in transition)

hanging: Eduardo Brock, Lucas Oliveira, Neto Moura, Paulo Pezzolano, Rafael Cabral and Willian Oliveira

Possible team from Cruzeiro to face Sampaio Corrêa — Photo: ge

  • Referee: Edina Alves Batista (FIFA) (SP)
  • Assistants: Daniel Paulo Ziolli (SP) and Miguel Cataneo Ribeiro da Costa (SP)
  • VAR: Rodrigo D Alonso Ferreira (SC)
  • Video assistant: Helton Nunes (SC)
  • Fourth referee: Paulo Jose Souza Mourão (MA)

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