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The main games fair in Europe, Gamescom was held last week in Cologne, Germany. The event, which brought together some of the biggest developers and publishers in the world, served to show a little of what the games industry is preparing for the future.

Among the highlights are a mysterious game from a former producer of the “GTA” series; a new customizable controller from Sony; the launch of a podcast starring Hideo Kojima; and the confirmation of the date of return of the “mighty pirate” Guybrush Threepwood to the world of virtual games. Check out these and other news below.


Little has been revealed about Build’s ambitious debut project Rocket Boy, a developer founded by Leslie Benzies, a producer who has worked for years on Rockstar’s “GTA” series games.

Between beautiful CGI scenarios and gameplay images that resembled multiplayer racing and shooting titles, the developers described the game as a collaboratively built open world experience. Which seems to indicate that the game could be, a sort of “Roblox” with enhanced graphics within some kind of metaverse.

“We want the community to build on that. We want this to be their world. We want them to tell their stories in their games. I think it’s human nature to navigate uncharted lands, to find a place where we’re free to explore. , to be creative, and to share our amazing experiences,” Benzies said in the video about the game, which has been in development for at least five years and is due for release in 2023.

The opening night presentation of the conference drew applause from the audience, but news indicating that the studio was looking to hire developers to work with blockchain technology had some people looking down on the project, speculating whether the title would involve NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

The developer was quick to say in a post on Reddit that the vacancies would only be for the research area and denied that the game was built on top of a blockchain platform, but did not completely rule out the use of technology.

DualSense Edge

No “God of War Ragnarök” gameplay. Sony’s main novelty at Gamescom was the launch of an improved version of the already excellent PlayStation 5 controls. The device should hit stores in the coming months.

In addition to the traditional DualSense features, the new DualSense Edge will be fully customizable. Designed primarily for experienced gamers or gamers looking to play competitively, it allows the player to remap or disable buttons and fine-tune the sensitivity of directional controls and triggers.

The gamepad will also feature extra buttons under the directional pads and on the back, giving more versatility for players who want quick shortcuts for specific commands.

There are also changes that should increase the durability of the device, such as the possibility of more easily replacing the directional modules and their upper part.

Hideo Kojima podcast

One of those responsible for the acclaimed “Metal Gear” franchise and creator of “Death Stranding”, Hideo Kojima took advantage of Gamescom to announce not a game, but his own podcast in partnership with Spotify.

In the Brain Structure “talk show”, which will be released on September 8 in English and Japanese versions, Kojima will talk weekly about philosophy, art, cinema and, of course, games. Game Awards host and journalist Geoff Keighley will have his own segment on the podcast, which will also feature other guests.

Return to Monkey Island

The game that marks Ron Gilbert’s return to the adventure game series he created in the early 1990s has a release date: September 19.

The new trailer for the game resumes some of the comic tone of the series, promising to add to the inventory of players who make the advance purchase –R$ 64.95 for both the PC and Switch versions– a horse armor with no practical use in the game. game, “but very exclusive”.

The item is a reference to the controversial DLC for “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” which, for $2.50, allowed players to decked out their horse in armor with no practical function and which is now a recurring reason for jokes in the entertainment industry. games.

High on Life

Justin Roiland’s game, co-creator of the “Rick and Morty” series, won a new gameplay video, showing that his game will have the same foul-mouthed humor as the famous animated series.

In the first-person shooter game, the player has to fight an invasion of aliens who use humans to get high. For this, he will have the help of talking alien weapons that sarcastically comment on everything the player does.

The game is scheduled for release on October 25th and will have versions for PCs and Xbox consoles (available since launch on Game Pass). The title, however, should not be translated into Portuguese, which has already led Brazilian fans to protest on social media.

Lies of P

This third-person action game remotely inspired by “Pinocchio” was one of Gamescom’s big winners. The title, which debuted its gameplay at the convention, received the awards for best action/adventure game, best RPG and most anticipated game for PlayStation.

Despite being inspired by a children’s story, the game is a “souls like” with a much more adult footprint, with scenarios and characters that resemble “Bloodborne”.

The game is scheduled for release in 2023, with versions for PCs, Xbox X/S (available on Game Pass) and PlayStation 5.


Among the indie titles, “Inkulinati” was the highlight of the convention. Winner of the awards for best indie game and most original game, the strategy title from Yaza Games puts the player in command of an army of medieval illustrations.

With an exquisite art direction, the game mixes characters from the Middle Ages and mythical creatures in turn-based battles with great humor.

Scheduled for PC, Switch and Xbox consoles, the game is scheduled for release by the end of the year. In the coming months, an early access version should be made available.

dead island 2

After years of waiting, Deep Silver has confirmed that “Dead Island 2” is coming. The sequel to the 2011 horror B-movie-inspired title is due to arrive on PCs and Xbox and PlayStation consoles on February 3, 2023 and has a trailer with details on how the gameplay will be.

Despite its name, the new action RPG will not be set on an island, but a version of the city of Los Angeles dominated by zombies. According to the developers, the game has been in development for four years and will have six playable characters.

Callisto Protocol

The game from the creators of “Dead Space 2” won a new gameplay trailer at Gamescom. In the video, you can see that the new title developed by the Striking Distance studios was heavily influenced by the action/horror classic by the late Visceral Games.

The game is scheduled for release on December 2 on PC and Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Dune Awakening

Funcom (from “Conan Exiles”) has announced that it is producing a new open-world survival MMO based on the universe of “Dune”, a book that has already won two film adaptations.

The trailer presented at Gamescom didn’t show much more than that, not even a release date was given.


game tip, new or old, for you to test

Cult of the Lamb

(PC and Switch)

In this indie title, the player takes on the role of a little sheep who needs to take care of a community made up of cute pets. There’s only one “but”. This little sheep was sacrificed and revived by a demon and now his goal is to form a powerful satanic cult to take revenge on his murderers and turn his savior into the true lord of darkness. This mixture of cuteness and Satanism is the high point of “Cult of the Lamb”. The gameplay is also a mix of styles, alternating a quiet farm manager with an action-packed roguelike. The problem is, without delving into either one, the game can often feel shallow to fans of one genre or the other. Still, this daring game by Massive Monster is worth a try.


news, launches, business and what else matters

  • Sony has announced price increases for PlayStation 5 consoles in several markets such as Europe, Mexico, Japan, China and Australia. The increase, however, will not affect prices in Brazil and the United States, at least for now.

  • Magalu Games, Magazine Luiza’s virtual games division, launched its first mobile titles last week. The platformer “Death Trap Nite” and the puzzles “Orbits Conqueror” and “Speed ​​Box” are free hypercasual games monetized by ads and are available for Android and iOS devices.

  • According to a report by Bloomberg, Saber Interactive took over the development of the remake of “Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic” after Aspyr Media announced the suspension of the project. The move, involving two companies from the Embracer Group, may be an example of how the Swedish conglomerate intends to coordinate the work of its more than 120 studios.

  • Seven months after discovering a vulnerability in the “Dark Souls” online match system, FromSoftware announced that it has resumed the online functionality of the PC version of “Dark Souls 3”. The company is still working on updates to “Dark Souls” and “Dark Souls 2” to resume the online functionality of these titles.

  • Microsoft reportedly paid $600,000 to studio Big Cheese to make the game “Cooking Simulator” available on Xbox Game Pass. According to the website Twisted Voxel, the amount was revealed in a balance sheet of the developer and corresponded to 22% of all its income in the last fiscal year. Microsoft does not usually reveal details of agreements reached to make titles available on its game subscription service.

  • Hype Games, Level Up’s online store, and PicPay Store have started selling Xbox games. Consumers who choose to purchase one of the 30 titles available at these stores will receive a code to activate games on consoles or PC. Microsoft stated that it intends to expand the number of partners that make its games available in this way in Brazil starting in September.


games that will be released in the next few days and promotions that are worth it

1st set

“Ooblets”: BRL 77.01 (Switch), BRL 114.95 (Xbox One/X/S), price not available (PC)


“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R”: BRL 199.90 (PC), BRL 229.90 (Xbox One/X/S, Switch), BRL 249.50 (PS 4/5)

“LEGO Brawls”: BRL 147.45 (Xbox One/X/S), BRL 195 (Switch), price not available (PC, PS 4/5)

“Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness”: BRL 269.10 (Switch), price not available (PC, PS 4)

“The Last of Us Part I”: BRL 349.90 (PS 5)

Promotion of the week

The Epic Store is running a huge sale in the month of August, with discounts of up to 85% on various PC games. Among the highlights are “Civilization 6” for R$19.35 (-85%), “Far Cry 6” for R$99.99 (-60%), the remake “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2” by R $99.50 (-50%), “Red Dead Redemption 2” for R$119.50 (-50%) and “Dying Light 2” for R$149.40 (-40%).

Readings of the week

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