Statement by Atlético-MG president raises concern among fans

Atletico Serie B

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If Atlético is going through a major technical crisis on the pitch, outside it the situation is even more worrying. Owner of the biggest debt in Brazilian football, the scenario became even worse with the eliminations in Libertadores and Copa do Brasil. Automatically, Galo ended up losing revenue from awards, box office and fan-partners.

Atlético’s situation isn’t even worse thanks to the 4Rs, patrons who touch the club’s financial life. In an interview with Rádio Itatiaia, President Sérgio Coelho said that Galo would be in Série B if it weren’t for these entrepreneurs.

“Were it not for these people (4R’s) to help Atlético, financially and working as well, Atlético, without a doubt, would be in the second division”, said Coelho when referring to Rubens Menin, Rafael Menin, Renato Salvador and Ricardo Guimarães.

“We have the biggest debt in Brazilian football. We are the club that owes the most. Today we pay the bills because the 4R’s help pay those bills. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have conditions,” he added.

Coelho’s statements, as it could not be different, generated great fear among Atlético fans. It was possible to notice many worried about the future of the club, imagining that it may happen that today it faces rival Cruzeiro, due to its current indebtedness.

And the salaries?

Due to the efforts of the 4Rs, the salaries of Atlético’s employees and players are up to date, confirms the president. “We are strictly up to date with all Atlético players and staff. It’s up to date because the 4Rs have supported it. If they weren’t supporting us, I wouldn’t be up to date. It’s the goal to end the season like this,” he says.

In 2022, specifically, Atlético’s finances were mainly hampered by negative results on the field.

“In our budget, we put a forecast of reaching the quarterfinals of Libertadores and we put reaching the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, but we stayed in the round of 16. It doesn’t just lose value, it loses box office, supporters, publicity, which come when you are doing well in the championship”, he lamented.

“At a time like this, we try to find out what is happening. We have an experienced coaching staff, a competent football director, the CT is good and provides the conditions for the job to be done well, salaries are up to date. It is difficult to diagnose”, concluded Sérgio Coelho.

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