Victim receives compensation of R$ 2 thousand for messages on WhatsApp

the use of Whatsapp and other messaging apps is a consolidated trend among Brazilians, and there is possibly no turning back. The problem is when these tools are used to commit crimesoften within the work environment.

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The characteristics that make this type of platform so useful in everyday life are precisely the ones that also make it an excellent channel for cyber crimes. The possibility of maintaining anonymity, even if only to a certain extent, is one of them.

Offenses by WhatsApp

In a recent case, an employee had a video join posted on a WhatsApp group with co-workers. The images show the worker of a packing house in the region of Belo Horizonte (MG) dancing, relaxed, in a moment of leisure.

After the video was published, the man began to receive comments in a mocking tone and even homophobic slurs, such as “faggot” and “faggot”. The situation came out of the virtual, and the victim began to be ridiculed in the company itself while carrying out its activities.

Despite having formalized complaints with the superior, the situation was not resolved. The worker decided to settle the matter in court, and filed a lawsuit asking for compensation.


Judge Juliana Campos Ferro Lage, responsible for the case at the 2nd Labor Court of Pedro Leopoldo, ruled in favor of the employee. In addition to oral evidence and witness confirmation, messages exchanged on WhatsApp entered the process.

The company and those involved were ordered to pay compensation in the amount of BRL 2,000 to the plaintiff to compensate for moral damages. The action is in the execution stage, and the parties can no longer appeal.

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