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Know what not to do during an Uber trip and avoid being banned from the platform

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Requesting an Uber is currently a quick and easy way to get around in comfort. However, just like any other service, the company has rules to follow. One of the ways to know if all users are behaving well is in the ratings left by drivers according to passenger behavior.

Improper actions can lead to account bans, so it is recommended that all users be aware of Uber’s policies.

Things to avoid on an Uber trip

Check out the main Uber rules that must be respected and that violation can lead to exclusion from the platform.


Any offense by gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, among others, can lead to account banning.

Physical contact between the passenger and the driver

Fights, verbal aggression and sexual relations are completely prohibited and if found, both will be expelled from the application.

Violation of Law

Any user action that violates certain Uber laws may result in profile banning, such as passengers requesting the driver to take more people than supported, or illicit drug use.

Inappropriate gesture or language

If there is any kind of conversation between the passenger and the driver and there is any kind of harassment, an analysis will be carried out.


Misusing promotions or duplicating accounts to get more benefits is also a reason for banning users.

use firearm

The driver needs to be attentive to his passengers, because depending on the occasion he can be held responsible as well. Users of shared Uber or Uber flash need to pay double attention.

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