After nearly 20 years, Julia Roberts and George Clooney reunite in a romantic comedy

It took nearly 20 years for Julia Roberts to accept to star in a romantic comedy – a genre that made her one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood, with features like A beautiful woman (1990) and A place called Notting Hill (1999). This time, Julia’s love interest is none other than the charming George Clooney in Ticket to Paradise which opens on September 7 in Brazilian cinemas.

In the film, it is possible to see that Julia and Clooney, who have already starred in money game, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Twelve Men and Another Secret, had a great time in idyllic Queensland, Australia. Some dialogues are hilarious.

Clooney plays David and Julia is Georgia, a divorced couple who are reunited on the way to the wedding of their daughter Lily, lived by Kaitlyn Dever in Outstanding. After living in a failed marriage in which they admit to having mistakenly said ‘yes’, they get into trouble trying to stop their daughter Lily from marrying a stranger she met while on vacation. Lily is completely in love with her supposed dream man, played by Maxime Boutie and the couple’s mission won’t be that easy.

under the direction of Hello Parkerthe same as Mama Mia! There we go againlike many productions in this period, the filming of Ticket to Paradise had to be stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. During filming, 12 crew members caught Covid-19, which led to a three-month break.

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