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A one-year and six-month-old baby died after being hit by a hailstone during a storm on Monday (29) in La Bisbal, Spain. According to the newspaper El País, the girl was hit in the head.

She was taken alive to Hospital Trueta in Girona, but could not resist the damage caused by the trauma and died.

The biggest storm in the last 20 years in the region brought down hailstones that exceeded 10 centimeters in diameter, according to Catalonia’s meteorological service.

People watch from a hotel during a hailstorm in Girona, Spain — Photo: Sicus Carbonell via REUTERS

The storm also injured fifty people, of whom 32 were treated at the La Bisbal primary care center with bruises and some injuries. Two injured were transferred to Josep Trueta hospital and 14 to Palamós hospital.

Firefighters received 41 calls related to the storm. The main problems reported were related to roof damage due to the impact of hailstones. Electrical wiring was also affected. In addition, the storm also left the city streets full of vehicles with broken and dented glass.

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