Cruzeiro scores a lightning goal, but stays in a draw with Sampaio Corrêa

Cruzeiro started the game hot against Sampaio Corrêa, but the high temperature at the beginning was not enough for the celestial team to emerge victorious from Castelão, in São Luís, today (30), for the 27th round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. Pezzolano’s team was in a 1-1 draw with Maranhão. The goals were scored by Edu, for Raposa, just 44 seconds into the game, and by Paulo Sérgio.

The celestial team still needed to hold back strong pressure from the hosts, who had two great chances in the final minutes of the match. With the result, Cruzeiro reached 58 points and remained in the leadership of Serie B. The opponent, on the other hand, has 35.

Sampaio Corrêa returns to the field next Saturday (3), against Guarani, at 16:30 (Brasília), in Campinas. Cruzeiro will receive Criciúma, on Sunday (4), at 4 pm, at Mineirão.

The killer is back!

Edu needed just 44 seconds to open the scoring at Castelão. The striker scored after a strong kick by Bruno Rodrigues and defense by Matheus Inácio. It was the second goal in a row for Edu, who went 13 games without scoring for Cruzeiro.

Matheus Inácio saves Sampaio

At 20 minutes, Daniel Jr. tried to surprise Sampaio. The striker finished hard from the edge of the area and forced goalkeeper Matheus to palm to the side.

Sampaio draws in the dead ball

The punishment for Cruzeiro, who had control of the match, came in stoppage time in the first half. At 46, Pimentinha took a free-kick and André Luiz headed it for the goal. Rafael Cabral made a great save, but, on the rebound, Paulo Sérgio sent it to the back of Cruzeiro’s nets, tying the game.

Matheus turns around with his foot

In the 11th minute of the second stage, Bruno Rodrigues made a good move on the left. He submitted, but was stopped by Paulo Sergio. On top of that, Daniel Jr. took the rebound, kicked, but Matheus Inácio avoided the goal with his foot.

Cruise departs for pressure

In the final stretch of the match, Cruzeiro became more incisive in the attack. At 29, Bidu crossed in the area, but neither Jajá nor Geovane managed to finish. At 33, Paulo Sérgio, with a header, took a cross from Jajá who was looking for Bruno Rodrigues in the area.

Sampaio misses big chance in the end

At 44, Lucas Araújo, who had just entered the match, missed an unbelievable chance. The player finished on the right of Rafael Cabral’s post. The ball passed so close that some fans even shouted a goal at Castelão.

Cabral saves Cruzeiro

Pimentinha, already in extra time, had the chance of the game, but stopped in the defense of Rafael Cabral, who guaranteed the tie for Raposa with good defense.

Cruzeiro’s game: control, but little aggression

Cruzeiro did not have many difficulties in the match and exercised control of the game for a good part, but without creating many chances of danger. The changes on the wings, with the entry of Geovane Jesus and Bruno Rodrigues in the sector worked well, but there was a lack of whim in the conclusions on goal.

Sampaio Corrêa’s game: desire, but little repertoire

Surprised by the lightning goal, Sampaio Corrêa tried to leave for the game, but had difficulties getting to Raposa’s field. The dead ball was the main asset of the team, which was disorganized in the marking when trying to get the goal.

Best: Bruno Rodrigues

He started playing the role of left wing and was the main name of the celestial attack, along with Edu, who scored the celestial goal.

The worst: Rafael Silva

Pezzolano’s choice to start the game in the place of Luvannor, who had been starting, Rafa Silva did not do well. The player was little triggered and had little prominence.



Competition: 27th round of Serie B
Date: August 30, 2022 (Tuesday)
Location and time: Castelão Stadium, in São Luís (MA), at 7 pm (from Brasília)
Referee: Edina Alves Batista (FIFA-SP)
Auxiliaries: Daniel Paulo Ziolli (SP) and Miguel Cataneo Ribeiro da Costa (SP)
VAR: Miguel Cataneo Ribeiro da Costa (SC)
Yellow cards: Rafael Vila and Paulo Sérgio (Sampaio Corrêa)
goals: Edu, at 44 seconds, and Paulo Sérgio at 46 minutes of the 1st half

SAMPAIO CORREA: Matheus Inácio; Mateusinho (Maurício), Allan Godói, Paulo Sérgio and Pará (Lucas Hipólito); André Luiz (Lucas Araújo), Ferreira and Rafael Vila (Eloir); Pimentinha, Gabriel Poveda (Ygor Catatau) and Léo Tocantins. Coach: Leo Condé.

CRUISE: Rafael Cabral; Geovane Jesus (Wesley Gasolina), Zé Ivaldo, Lucas Oliveira and Eduardo Brock; Filipe Machado (Willian Oliveira), Neto Moura and Daniel Jr. (Jaja); Bruno Rodrigues, Rafa Silva (Matheus Bidu) and Edu (Lincoln). Coach: Paulo Pezzolano.

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