Diana is also an icon on TV and in cinema – 08/31/2022

Central Newsroom, Aug 30 (EFE).- Princess Diana, whose death turns 25 this Wednesday, has become an icon that has given rise to countless fiction and documentaries focused on her popular character, her controversial role in the British royal family. , her humanitarian work and her love life.

Many of the films and series that told the life of the “people’s princess” were or still are successes. An example is the 2006 film “The Queen”, in which, without actually appearing, Diana occupies the center of the plot when the days after her tragic death, in a traffic accident, are approached from the perspective of the surroundings of Elizabeth II.

In the movie “Spencer” (2021), actress Kristen Stewart received much praise for playing Lady Di in a crucial episode for the English monarchy: the weekend when Diana decides to end her marriage.

The magnetism of the princess, who stood out for her unusual naturalness on camera, has been reflected in series such as “The Crown” (2016), where the history of the Windsor dynasty gives ample space to Diana, whose role was played by two actresses in different seasons.


The British Emma Corrin, who won the Golden Globe in 2020 for playing a young Lady Di in the fourth season of the series, was succeeded in the fifth – which will premiere in November – by the Australian Elizabeth Debicki, whose first images of the transformation to embody Diana were widely disclosed.

The role of Lady Di was also played by actresses such as Naomi Watts, who in “Diana” (2013) recounted the last two years of the princess’s life and her relationship with tycoon Dodi Al Fayed, and Nicola Formby, whose performance in the miniseries of CBS “Women of Windsor” (1992) surprised by its resemblance to reality.

More extravagant proposals also addressed the Princess of Wales, such as “Diana: the musical”, which received unfavorable reviews, as well as the dystopian film “King Charles III”, adapted from a theatrical play and in which a “ghost” of Lady Di plays two appearances.


Likewise, Diana has been the subject of numerous documentaries: especially those that delve into the circumstances of the fatal traffic accident, surrounded by obscurantism, conspiracy theories and “fake news”.

An example of this is “The Princess” (2022), a recent documentary that recounts the press persecution of Diana after her divorce. Another is the miniseries “The Diana Investigations” (2022), which explores three alternative lines to the official version of her death, including that it was an provoked death, as claimed by businessman Mohamad Al Fayed, father of Dodi Al Fayed.

There are also documentaries that delve into her facet as a supportive woman and mother, such as “Diana” (2012), which recalls her importance as a 20th century personality with interviews and archival images, or “”Diana, our mother: her life and legacy” (2017), which speaks through his sons, Princes William and Harry, and his participation in charity work. EFE

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