Direct rivals win, and Galo sees a difficult situation for a spot in Libertadores

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photo: Pedro Souza / Atltico

Cuca has already said that vacancy in Libertadores is mandatory

After stumbling in the round by tying with America, 1-1, at Independência, Atltico saw their direct opponents win on Monday night (29/8): Corinthians beat Bragantino (1-0), and Internacional beat Juventude (4-0).

With these results, the teams from São Paulo and Gacho distanced themselves from Galo. Today, Alvinegro is in the seventh position of the Brazilian championshipwith 36 points, outside the classification zone for the Copa Libertadores.

With 42 points, Timo closes the G-4, a group that has a guaranteed place in the group stage of the Conmebol competition. Colorado is fifth, with 42, followed by Hurricane, with 39 – the fifth and sixth places begin the international tournament in preliminary phases.

According to data from the Department of Mathematics at UFMG, the athletic has a 7.4% probability of winning a spot in the Copa Libertadores.

Despite this, the Brazilian Championship may inherit more spots, as Palmeiras and Flamengo play in the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores. In case of title, Brazil wins another nominee for the tournament. Not to mention that the winner of the Copa do Brasil can be among the first in the Brazilian.

Cuca has already said that the spot in Libertadores is a must. “Don’t even think about scoring ten points, scoring three points, it’s no use selling an image that won’t happen. We have an obligation to go to Libertadores. And we’re going to fight for it until the end,” said Cuca.

Teams – Probability of spot in Libertadores*

1 – PALM TREES: 98.8%

2 – FLAMENGO: 73.7%

3 – FLUMINENSE: 61.7%


5 – CORINTHIANS: 156.7%

6 – ATHLETICO-PR: 30.4%

7 – ATHLETIC: 7.4%

8 – SANTOS: 5.1%

9 – AMERICA: 2.5%

10 – STRENGTH: 2.2%

11 – GOIS: 1.9%

12 – BRAGANTINO: 1.2%

* Data from the Department of Mathematics at UFMG

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