Disneyland Paris debuted an area dedicated to Marvel. Here’s how it was to visit

THE The last decade in the world of cinema has been marked by an authentic ‘domination’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), with Disney determined to bet on the development of this world of superheroes. The bet paid off and Marvel has won over new (and old) fans all over the world.

With Disney’s theme parks a reflection of the company’s stakes, it’s therefore no surprise that Marvel has just carved out its own space at Disneyand Paris with Avengers Campus.

At Disney’s invitation, the News by the Minute had the opportunity to be present at the opening of Avengers Campus – a debut that coincided with the theme park’s 30th anniversary celebrations in the French capital. The apparatus was such that it even had the presence of Disney CEO Bob Chapek and actress Brie Larson, responsible for playing the superheroine Captain Marvel.

As you’d expect, Avengers Campus features some of Marvel’s most recognizable superheroes and allows guests to ‘enhance’ the guest experience with a series of dynamics, presentations and restoration experiences never before seen at Disneyland Paris. But let’s start with space itself.

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Attractions of strong emotions

As with other areas of Disneyland Paris, entry to Avengers Campus will not go unnoticed by any park visitor. The park was created from the idea of ​​what it would be like if Tony Stark (Iron Man) decided to form a campus to recruit new superheroes, with the different attractions serving as training grounds.

For example, one of these attractions – the Spider-Man WEB Adventure – will ask guests/recruits to help Spider-Man catch tiny robots that have gotten out of control.

More interesting is the fact that Disney engineers (known as Imagineers) have taken advantage of augmented reality technology and motion capture sensors. Imagine extending your arm like Spider-Man and, on the screen in front of you, a ‘web’ comes out that holds these robots. A small example of how Disney is willing to take advantage of new technology to create completely new attractions for visitors to Disneyland Paris. Even for those who have visited the park multiple times.

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On the other hand, if what you are looking for at Disneyland Paris is the strong emotions provided by roller coasters, then Avengers Campus will not disappoint you either. Avengers Assemble: Flight Force is a high-speed roller coaster that, in addition to having the (mandatory) ‘looping’, also provides a start worthy of Tesla’s fastest car.

As with other attractions on Avengers Campus, Disney’s attention to detail shines through with Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. The ‘background’ of this roller coaster is to take guests/recruits to fight an alien threat in the company of Iron Man and Captain Marvel.

At the entrance, you can even see a real, animated figure of Tony Stark’s armor, with those responsible for the construction admitting that it took several months just to get the shade of red right. It’s details like these that, despite going unnoticed by some of the visitors, will make fans feel like they could (really) be on a campus created for superheroes.

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But it’s not just attractions that Avengers Campus excels at. While in other areas of Disneyland Paris visitors can meet characters from animated films, at Avengers Campus this experience also deserved to be deepened.

Imagine our face when, while walking around the Avengers Campus, we noticed that the Black Widow appeared on one of the roofs of the Avengers Campus and started to ‘fight’ with a group of enemies. This choreography – full of intensity and faithful to the superheroine’s movements in the films – was also joined by the villain Taskmaster and the superhero Black Panther, providing an unprecedented and spontaneous moment without the need to go to an amphitheater or dedicated area.

Not yet redone from this demo, we were treated to Star-Lord and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy in the main square of Avengers Campus. Instead of a fight, the characters started a dance ‘competition’, where visitors/recruits are also invited to participate. The moment of good mood, similar to what we described above, is totally spontaneous and makes visitors/recruits feel that, at any time, they can witness something that deserves their attention.

Of course, these are just some of the superheroes you’ll find at Avengers Campus, and on our visit we also met brothers Thor and Loki, Dr. Strange and also Captain America.

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Have you ever seen a giant ‘pretzel’?

After so many ‘training sessions’, it is normal for visitors/recruits to want something to eat and, as in other areas of Disneyland Paris, here too, there is an effort by Disney to maintain the Marvel experience.

Pym Kitchen is an example of what you’ll find in the Avengers Campus dining experience. Ant-Man and Wasp are known to take advantage of Pym Particles to shrink or increase in size. What if these particles were applied to plates of food?

When visiting Pym Kitchen you will be able to enjoy food with slightly different sizes than you are used to. Cakes, hamburgers, hot dogs and ‘pretzels’ appear in giant or tiny versions, a somewhat bizarre way (in a good way) for these two superheroes to also be present at Avengers Campus.

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The Stark Factory is another example. At first glance, a simple pizza restaurant will also prove to be an interesting experience worthy of a visit. In addition to the giant Iron Man Hulkbuster armor at the entrance, there are different spaces in the restaurant for visitors/recruits to meet. When choosing one of the dining rooms, you’ll find yourself in areas that could have been Marvel characters – namely Peggy Carter’s office, decorated to be an older part of the factory.

Naturally, in addition to the catering areas, there is also a store dedicated to official Marvel products and toys. In addition to clothing, cups, mugs and keychains inspired by the MCU superheroes and villains, those interested can also find toys that can only be seen in this store – so we advise you to prepare your wallet!

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A stay for the most ‘hardcore’ fans

The experience of visiting Avengers Campus firsthand was, of course, something special. As Marvel fans, we were pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail and dedication of those who worked to create the attractions, experiences and dining areas of this new area of ​​Disneyland Paris.

On our visit to Avengers Campus, we also had the opportunity to stay at the Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, close to the Disney theme park. Don’t worry, there won’t be any superheroes invading your room or walking on webs outside the window. On the other hand, the hotel’s interior is filled with pictures and paintings of Marvel superheroes.

Disney says that, in all, visitors to the Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel can find 350 pieces of art (50 of them exclusive to this hotel) by more than 110 artists from around the world. This is “one of the largest publicly available collections of Marvel art in the world”, so a stay at this hotel is also recommended for the most ‘hardcore’ Marvel fans.

Who knows, maybe you’ll have the opportunity to walk down the hall next to Captain Marvel as we did.

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