Douglas Luiz scores fourth Olympic goal in just two months; Look

It happened again: Douglas Luiz, Brazilian from Aston Villa, scored an Olympic goal again, for the fourth time in two months. It was in the 2-1 defeat to Arsenal, today (31), at Emirates Stadium, for the fifth round of the English Championship.

Douglas Luiz had just entered the field. In the next minute, Aston Villa, who were putting pressure on Arsenal in search of an equalizer, had a corner in their favor. The Brazilian went for the kick and once again surprised.

The Premier League’s VAR even analyzed the bid, as Arsenal goalkeeper Ramsdale ended up obstructed by an Aston Villa player, but the goal was validated.

The unexpected goal comes eight days after Douglas Luiz scored an Olympic goal in a 4-1 victory over Bolton Wanderers in the League Cup.

And want more? He had already done two others of this type recently. One of them was in training, revealed on social media by Aston Villa. “Practice makes perfect,” joked the club.

The first of the four Olympic goals came in a pre-season game at Aston Villa, on September 9, in the 4-0 thrashing of Walsall, from the English fourth division (see more below).

Premier League runners-up with just three points from five games, Aston Villa have one more quarry ahead of them: they face vice-leader Manchester City next Saturday (3), at home, at 1:30 pm (GMT). Are there more Olympic goals coming?

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