Four People Linked to Glaidson, Pharaoh of Bitcoins, Arrested in Dominican Republic | Rio de Janeiro

Four people linked to Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, the “Bitcoin Pharaoh”were arrested this Wednesday (31) in the Dominican Republic.

  • Vicente Gadelha Rocha Neto
  • Joao Marcus Pinheiro Dumas
  • Andrimar Morayma Rivero Vergel (Vicente’s wife)
  • Larissa Viviana Ferreira Dumas (João’s wife)

According to the g1, Andrimar and Larissa will be extradited. Vicente and João, however, were released because the arrest warrants fell by decision of the Superior Court of Justice.. Interpol had not been informed to remove them from the red broadcast – the international wanted list – so they were arrested.

All had arrest warrants issued during Operation Kryptos, by the Federal Police, about a year ago. The arrest was made in a joint operation with Interpol.

One of the detainees, and who was released, Vicente Gadelha Rocha Neto would win a reception from supporters on his scheduled arrival for this Wednesday (31), at Galeão international airport.

Gadelha is a pre-candidate for state deputy. He was held in the Dominican Republic but will be released as there is no longer a warrant against him.

Glaidson Acácio dos Santos during the hearing — Photo: Reproduction/Internet

Glaidson was arrested in August 2021 for crimes against the national financial system, criminal organization and money laundering.

There were also two other arrest warrants against him, one for ordering a murder and the other for the attempted crime.

At the end of May, the pharaoh was indicted by the Federal Police for money laundering.

Also that month, Judge Juliana Bessa Ferraz Krykhtine, from the 4th Criminal Court, in Niterói, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio, issued an arrest warrant against Glaidson for embezzlement.

The ‘Faraó’ – nickname given due to the crime known as the financial pyramid – was also denounced, along with a councilor from Armação dos Búzios, in the Lagos Region, by the Specialized Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (Gaeco) of the state Public Ministry ( MPRJ) for money laundering.

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