Galo x Cury: Justice maintains Multiplan subpoena for millionaire deposit

photo: Divulgao/Diamond Mall

Atltico sold 49.9% of Diamond Mall for R$340 million

In a lawsuit brought by businessman Andr Cury, the So Paulo Court denied Atltico’s appeal and determined that Multiplan, buyer of the rights to the Diamond Mall shopping mall in Belo Horizonte, deposit R$ 13,469,582.20 in court.

Atltico sold 49.9% of the remaining rights to Diamond Multiplan Empreendimentos for R$340 million. The operation is still being formalized so that the first payment can be made.

The businessman’s charge comes from the signing of defender Frickson Erazo from Estoril, in Portugal. At the time, Link – Cury’s company – led the negotiations during the negotiation.

At the time, the Portuguese club ceded 1.1 million euros, which would have the right to receive from Atltico on account of another debt, a company owned by Andr Cury. The businessman managed to make the conversion from euros to reais relative to the payment date, and not due to the debt maturity – which occurred on August 17, 2017. In this way, the debt multiplied.

Cury’s lawsuits against Atltico

In all, businessman Andr Cury has already filed 28 lawsuits against Atltico by the Brazilian courts, totaling R$64.3 million. Cury has already obtained several favorable sentences.

The agent’s 28 actions against Atltico are related to multi-player deals. Among them, Guilherme Arana, Luan, Lucas Pratto, Marcos Rocha, Vina, Otero, Vargas, Rosinei, Maicosuel, Dylan, José Welison, Terans, Leandrinho, Denilson, Mansur and even the Venezuelan coach Rafael Dudamel.

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