Hackers may have hijacked more than 3 TB of Federal Government data

The Brazilian Government may have been the victim of a hacker attack with 3TB of stolen internal information. The ransomware-type invasion — a malicious data-hijacking program — was revealed by digital threat detection company Darktracer in a Twitter post yesterday (30).

The illegal action would have been carried out by the cybercriminal group Everest.

Cybercrime entered Darktracer’s watch list after a controversial post made on Everest’s deepweb site — the untraceable digital network through which cybercriminals communicate. There, the malicious group announced the alleged invasion of national federal systems with the following message:

“For sale, access to the GOV Brazil network, more than 3 TB of data. For questions, contact us” (in direct translation into Portuguese).

It is common for criminals specializing in ransomware to sell collected data or information about vulnerable entries on the attacked system to third parties.

Another option would be to ask a ransom from the victim himself, who only has access to the files after paying for them. Apparently, this is not the case.

So far, it has not been revealed which elements were collected by the group. In a statement sent to Tilt, Serpro (Federal Data Processing Service) reported that “the systems developed and maintained by the company are still in full operation and there is no evidence of cybercrime in our databases.”

Everest is a frequent risk

In 2021, the Everest group was already in the report of the digital security agency NCC Group as one of the possible threats of attacks on government platforms. According to the company, a pattern was observed in the actions of cybercriminals, collecting data for sale, as well as commercializing access to hacked systems.

The Governments of Peru, the United States and Argentina have already been targets of the Everest cyberattacks. It is also not the first time for Brazil. Previously, the group had made investments in the networks of federal institutions, such as the systems of the Attorney General’s Office of the National Treasury and the Ministry of Economy.

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